What WAS new in 1999!

What WAS new in 1999!

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July 1999

July has been a month when I've been working on other things- but the JustClaws site isn't dead yet.

June 1999

June has been very busy so far, with lots of updates and fixes, but nothing to this page once again.

May 1999

Some updates, but too busy at work to update this page, so updates go unrecorded on these pages.

April 1999

Updates but nothing much.

March 1999

21/3/1999 - More files uploaded, and progress with Just-Develop, may be back on-line again today!

20/3/1999 - More files uploaded, and work started to get the new Jag-Site environment uploaded.

19/3/1999 - Slightly updated Jag-site pages uploaded, to re-establish Jag-Site- more to follow soon.

18/3/1999 - JustClaws "Jag-Site" back on-line, after the Bowes.Co.Uk server is prepared for it.

10/3/1999 - Bowes.Co.Uk, the parent site of Just-Claws, moves again, to a new fast server.

February 1999

Too busy at work to update these pages!

January 1999

Too busy at work to update these pages!