What WAS new in 1997

What WAS new in 1997

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December 1997
November 1997
October 1997

25/10/97 - Updated more bad links- sadly some smaller Jaguar sites/news are now dying off rapidly.

12/10/97 - Started to prune some dead links- some competing Jaguar sites have died recently- sad.

11/10/97 - Added "Iron Soldier II" CARTRIDGE to upcoming software list. (Same game, less music.)

September 1997

26/9/97 - Updated Atari News section- added release news on Zero 5 and Worms from Telegames.

15/9/97 - Major update to Just Claws Atari 7800 area- but mainly new and corrected links so far.

14/9/97 - MASSIVE update to Just Claws Atari LYNX area- mainly new and corrected links so far!

13/9/97 - Updated the Dimension X hardware and added some more personal Jaguar pages to links.

12/9/97 - NEW FEATURE- Dynamically updated "What's New Elsewhere" page! Daily reports!!!

10/9/97 - Added new page on Aura Interactor vest- will have individual settings for Jaguar games!

8/9/97 - Added screen-shots of Virtual Experiences platformer, "Indiana Jag" to "Lost Games" page.

7/9/97 - Added some MORE Jaguar pages- personal ones, and started Atari Emulators Links Page.

6/9/97 - Added more information to Dimension X, most notably information on the Jaguar/2 64.

5/9/97 - Added a new section to Just Claws Developer Site- "How to Become a Jaguar Developer".

4/9/97 - Uploaded the missing reviews for Just Claws "JAG-SITE", the Jaguar reviews area I assimilated.

August 1997

31/8/97 - Added a NEW section- Dimension X. Jaguar news from another video-gaming dimension.

25/8/97 - Further updates to the Jaguar Games Detail Index- now with production details and ratings.

24/8/97 - Added a new page for developers- "How to share Jaguar Programs"- and some other things.

16/8/97 - Added some new links for Dark Science Games, and updated a few more bits, of course!

15/8/97 - Uploaded lots of fixed links on pages, the lost FAQs, and the lost games details database.

14/8/97 - Yep, don't worry, I've FINALLY got my PC system sorted out, so updates coming again soon!

July 1997

7/7/97 - Added news of two new (possible) Jaguar developers- Dark Knight, and Visual Dimensions.

6/7/97 - Finally got a large number of new uploads under-way, with more Jag-Site stuff to follow soon!

5/7/97 - My copy of Midnite's "Aircars" arrived today from ICD in the US- look for a review ASAP.

4/7/97 - Just Claws is absorbing !JSL! - which will preserve an excellent site!

June 1997

23/6/97 - BAD NEWS!!! I've filled my 5Mb space on Compuserve- so I'm trying to find a new solution!

21/6/97 - Added and revised DOZENS of pages, seperated off FAQs to a new page, and more! Explore!

20/6/97 - Completed the Jaguar Journal Archive page by uploading all the other Jag Journal files!

16/6/97 - Added news of the return of Jeff Norwood's Jaguar Gaming Journal newsletter, and new links.

15/6/97 - Added HOT Jaguar rumour/news, you heard it first HERE at Just Claws- a new Jag CD!

14/6/97 - Updated the "Atari Life After Death" page with information on Tedd Hoff, and other updates.

8/6/97 - Added news, more development resources, and a link to the little-known BJL Jaguar devkit.

5/6/97 - Updated various bits and pieces, added some new links, and new developer resources.

2/6/97 - Added an anonymous article, "Jaguar Developer Overview"- for potential developers!

1/6/97 - Enrolled "Just Claws" in the APS (again) and the APS web-site ring. Why not try it!

May 1997

30/5/97 - Finished re-organising the Jaguar Hottest-Links, there are now several sub-pages.

28/5/97 - Updated the Atari news section, and started to split up the massive Jaguar links page!

14/5/97 - Finally got my copy of Iron Soldier II (CD) and have been busy playing it- it's great!

3/5/97 - Updated Mario (Breakout 2000) Perdue's web-link, and updated my Game Details Index.

2/5/97 - Britain has a NEW LABOUR Government! Yes, finally after 18 years... I'm very happy!

April 1997

30/4/97 - Added news that ICD are going to publish Jaguar network game, Aircars, confirmed!

27/4/97 - I'm gradually bringing my Jaguar Game Details Index up-to-scratch- more updates!

26/4/97 - Updated various bits, including some new Jaguar links(!), and my EMMA pages.

23/4/97 - Added information on a new Jaguar Server developer- Duranik writing "Native" game.

13/4/97 - Added 59 NEW pages as the start of a definitive Jaguar 64 game details resource!

12/4/97 - Updated "Atari- Life After Death" page AGAIN, and updated Development Pages.

10/4/97 - Corrected a couple more changed links, added a Jaguar Gaming Journal archive.

8/4/97 - Added a new article about Caspian Software who've written Zero-5 for the Jaguar.

7/4/97 - Added an editorial (on Jaguar JAVA), and a new page with my various downloads.

6/4/97 - Updated the "Atari- Life After Death" page, added MORE links and added developer files.

5/4/97 - Updated a link to "Atari Preservation Society" and to TIERTEX and CREATIVE EDGE.

2/4/97 - Updated my "TV-Boy Page" (2600 reborn) and added some other great TV-Boy Links.

March 1997

23/3/97 - Added NEW page with early developer feedback about the Jaguar- check it out, now!

3/3/97 - Few new bits and pieces, added a few more links (amazing but true) and more game info.

February 1997

18/2/97 - Fixed some links, added links to updated Telegames World Tour Racing CD pics page.

13/2/97 - Added Readysoft Feedback, revamped Hints and Tips, and updated my site A-Z Index.

12/2/97 - Updated the look and feel of a few pages still more, and fixed CIS upload corruptions.

11/2/97 - Fixed various link-bugs and added link to CAOS Game Trader Board- I recommend it!

January 1997

19/1/97 - Added feedback from MP Games (Breakout 2000) and update on Readysoft news!

18/1/97 - Added the "What's New Elsewhere Index"- to save you time, and yet more links!

13/1/97 - Added new links for JagSite and Jaguar Domain, and more feedback pages.

11/1/97 - Added first of many Jaguar 64 developer pages- with some freebie Jag tools.

9/1/97 - Added a page with information on current and forthcoming Jag Software Releases.

6/1/97 - Update the Upcoming Software page with information on new Telegames products!

1/1/97 - Added a page for forthcoming Freeware release, BONG 1999. (Forgotten Loves)