What WAS new in 1996

What WAS new in 1996

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December 1996

29/12/96 - Did large upload, and started work on new Jaguar hacking and developer areas.

28/12/96 - Updated the styling of several pages, with more backgrounds and screen-shots.

27/12/96 - Added a new section- with increasing information on "waiting" and "lost" games.

22/12/96 - Updated the look and feel of several pages, and added various new pages!

22/12/96 - Updated the links with lots of Atari links, plus some COOL new gaming tips!

21/12/96 - Updated the CHIPS pages to include much requested sample (UK) prices.

20/12/96 - Updated the games available list to include BREAKOUT 2000 and TOWERS II.

10/12/96 - Did a spring-clean (at this time of year!) of old links and tidied various things up.

November 1996

10/11/96 - I've updated a number of areas, but more updates will follow soon. I promise!

9/11/96 - I bring together a list of all the Jaguar 64 site changes which have now occured.

October 1996

18/10/96 - Telegames announce FOUR new titles for Jaguar 64- all on 2Mb cartridges!

19/10/96 - 4-Play release more information on the progress of the Jag epic BattleSphere.

September 1996

25/9/96 - I've updated the dealers list with Atari Central (was Toad) and some other links.

24/9/96 - Well another of those months with NOTHING happening -waiting for Christmas!

August 1996

18/08/96 - Responses to Mirror article, and also news that Don Thomas is leaving Atari.

6/8/96 - Added a new editorial, and also added a Jaguar Campaign Petition link and survey.

3/8/96 - Continued the aesthetic upgrades, adding more logos, flags and updating the A-Z.

1/8/96 - Upgraded all my pages with new graphics etc., giving 'JUST CLAWS' new style!

July 1996

27/7/96 - Updated JAG HARDWARE and started a new section- a Jaguar manual archive!

21/7/96 - Re-arranged and updated the Jaguar Hot-Links and added some news on prices.

16/7/96 - Updated YET MORE JAGUAR LINKS- and added some NEW LINKS! Go Jag!

7/7/96 - Updated Jaguar links and miscellaneous links. Also updated Game Coming page.

June 1996

22/6/96 - I updated games coming to confirm coming release of Towers II by Telegames.

5/6/96 - SOME news updates- primarily news of Worms and Towers II from Telegames.

May 1996

5/5/96 - BAD month, nothing at all happened this month really- so no updates to upload.

April 1996

28/4/96 - Massively update Atari LYNX & 7800 sections, and updated Game Hints/Tips.

24/4/96 - Updated Jaguar Software Available (FFL) and the Jaguar and Gaming Hotlinks.

14/4/96 - Updated various sections including commercial Jag links and software coming.

06/4/96 - Updated various sections- in particular the Jaguar hot-links and developer info.

March 1996

22/3/96 - Updated the Hints/Tips section with the new Jaguar CD VLM effect editor code.

17/3/96 - Updated Jaguar titles list (Attack of Mutant Penguins), and developer hot-links.

8/3/96 - Added some new Jaguar links AND updated various other information pages too.

6/3/96 - Finally got FeedBack from Electronics Boutique Group Chief Executive to query.

5/3/96 - Added a link from my hints/tips page to my version 0.9 of Highander I, the FAQ.

4/3/96 - Added link to CO-JAG AREA 51, added some feedback, fixed some OS/2 links.

3/3/96 - Updated hot-links, developers feedback, software list and the hints and tips page.

February 1996

24/2/96 - Added NEW hints/tips- like Defender 2000 secrets, Pong + Flossie's Revenge.

23/2/96 - Updated the software available list to include Defender 2000 and others released.

22/2/96 - Major internal reorganisation of my pages, and added some new page counters!

21/2/96 - Updated Developer Feedback- news of WORMS, Ultra Vortek codes and more!

20/2/96 - Updated Jaguar Hot-Links, Games Hints and Tips (new links) and... well browse!

19/2/96 - Added a new section about Jaguar 64 Developer Kits- unofficial info of course!

18/2/96 - Updated the games available list, and the list of games I have, and HINTS/TIPS!

17/2/96 - Updated various Jaguar 64 sections including some contacts and supplier details.

14/2/96 - My birthday and Valentines day. Both Julie and I got some cool new Jaguar titles!

13/2/96 - Updated the Jaguar news with real news of the Atari Corp. and JTS Corp. merger.

4/2/96 - Updated the software available list, my 7800 pages, added to Developer Feedback.

January 1996

27/1/96 - I've updated the software lists considerably, and also added Developer Feedback.

24/1/96 - I've added some of the latest Jaguar news I've heard, and I've also updated EMMA.

23/1/96 - I've updated some sorry news on EB, and updates regarding the Jaguar 64 future.

22/1/96 - I've been working very hard, and been posting messages and collecting new data.

13/1/96 - I radically restructured my pages, moving each subject into it's OWN section.

13/1/96 - Updated the Atari 7800 page, the OS/2 page, and updated my Sales and Wants.

12/1/96 - Added details of a letter from HMV UK, and updated a reply from Virgin UK.

11/1/96 - Updated US software available to include Zoop and NBA Jam (TE) cartridges

10/1/96 - Added new Jaguar pages, 7800 and Lynx link-pages, and IBM OS/2 link-page

9/1/96 - Added LOTS more links to Jaguar pages worldwide, and corrected link typos.

8/1/96 - Spent lots of time tonight updating and adding things to my various sections!

7/1/96 - All new WWW pages get updated a lot at first- so I've added some graphics!

6/1/96 - Delighted at the functionality of Compuserve's WWW, I've added more bits!

5/1/96 - Everything here is new! (Thanks Compuserve for my 1Mb WWW Home-Page)