Atari Jaguar 64 Vapourware

Atari Jaguar 64 Vapourware

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Atari had a range of products which became vapourware.

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Atari Jaguar Combi-CD Unit.

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Atari's combo CD/Jag unit. An all-in-one machine could well go on sale late '95, early '96. (This news was widely reported, but no real combo units were ever made.)

Atari Jaguar Voice-Modem

The Jaguar voice modem is a high performance (V32terbo) DSP based modem, with many additional features and modes which make it particularly suitable for an interactive and consumer friendly game environment. It works with all Jaguar models, classic, combo and Jaguar/2, and is supported by a wide range of software, and the Atari Jaguar-VR headset.

Atari Jaguar VR Head-Set

The Atari Jaguar VR headset was designed for Atari by Virtuality as a revolutionary low-cost, high-performance unit for the Jaguar family. Designed to retail for under $200, the VR headset requires extra supporting hardware for the Jaguar, and plugs into the expansion port. It offers 6-degress of freedom, meaning the user can move their head left and right, and up and down, as well as angling their head side to side. To prevent accidents the unit was designed to be used seated, and the user cannot move far from the Jaguar. Communication between the headset and Jaguar is maintained using infra-red sensors on the Jaguar VR controller add-on, and the VR helmet. A "trigger" controller is included, and is hand held. Software such as Missile Command 3D was originally written to support the unit by Virtuality, along with Jaguar versions of Virtuality arcade titles.

(Jaguar VR Image)

A prototype Jaguar VR headset.

Atari Jag-CD MPEG Cartridge

The Jag-CD MPEG cartridge is an optional extra for the Jag-CD, Jaguar Combo and Jaguar/2 machines. It plugs into the cartridge slot, and allows the Jaguar to decode and display full MPEG 1+2 video, enabling Jaguar owners to view video-CDs now increasingly widely available. The unit is a low cost extra every Jaguar owner will want.

Grey case, with pastel blue buttons! (New!)

(Impression of Grey/Blue Jaguar!)

Grey pads with blue buttons ARE available for Falcon!

Yet "Another" Jaguar Design!

Notice how this isn't widely available EITHER?

Then again, maybe that's good!