How to Register Freeware

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Reason for FREEWARE(*) Release.

WHY? Well the reason for giving this away is that we're working on a number of pieces of software for possible future publication, and we'd like to do our bit to make the Jaguar 64 "underground" development community a fun place to be working on code in! The other reason is that with such a small market, a freeware release means publicity for us.

There are a couple of conditions though!

1) First condition is you send us an eMail, we really insist that you do this please. We want to know just how many people there are out there who have either a "Jaguar Server" or "BJL Jaguar" and also how many of those people have Jaguar owning friends. Please also tell us what (or if) you would pay for one of the games we have under development.

2) The second condition is that you do not make any money by distributing our binary by any means, electronically or otherwise, and that you do not attempt to modify it, reverse-engineer it, or include it in "compilation" Jaguar underground distributions. We also expressly forbid anyone to host copies of the binary on their own web pages, or pass copies from one user to another without telling us! We need to know how many free copies are out there!

3) If you like our game, although we're calling it freeware, we'd be _REALLY_ encouraged if you decided that you liked it so much that you send us $20. $20 for months of work. $20 to encourage us to continue with our work. That's no much, so if you like it, we'd be really pleased if you'd send us $20, because we don't insist you do. Understand?