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What is ClawMarks?

ClawMarks is the JustClaws 'product' label. We have plans for more than just software, (both freeware and commercial products) but also some limited hardware releases. We are not making any grand statements, or promises, we're not a big 'organisation', just a few people working on a few ideas. We're not a company, we're not registered as such anywhere, we don't claim to be.
We do not want the "JustClaws" name to get too confusing, as we have a web-site with the "Jag-Site" Jaguar area, "Just Develop" and "DevCats" developer areas, and of course, JustClaws Software. JustClaws isn't just a web-site, it's a whole community of activities, and our software and hardware developments needed their own identify to mark them out... ClawMarks.

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