Jaguar 64 Software Available

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This list is the MOST up-to-date available!

Jaguar Game Details Index (New!)

Jaguar Cartridges

1. CyberMorph (Jaguar 3D pack-in)
 2. Trevor McFur (in Crescent Galaxy)
 3. Dino Dudes (Fun, frustrating fun)
 4. Raiden (You can't beat arcaders)
 5. Tempest 2000 (Adrenaline rush)
 6. Wolfenstein 3D (classic, updated)
 7. Brutal Sports Football (bizarre)
 8. Alien vs. Predator (Sooo scary)
 9. Dragon (Bruce Lee Story- karate)
10. DOOM (Special Edition- superb)
11. Club Drive (Polygon car driving)
12. Checkered Flag (Jag 3D Racing)
13. Iron Soldier (Smashing fun- 3D)
14. Kasumi Ninja (A 2D beat-em-up)
15. Bubsy (in Fractured Furry Tails)
16. Zool 2 (The fastest platform fun)
17. Val D'Isere Skiing/Snowboarding
18. Cannon Fodder (War goes sensible)
19. Syndicate (strategic action sim)
20. Troy Aikman  (NFS Football sim.)
21. Theme Park (strategic simulator)
22. Sensible Soccer (Best footy out!)
23. Double Dragon 5 (kids' beat-em-up)
24. Hover Strike (hovercraft at war)
25. Pinball Fantasies (4 cool tables)
26. Super Burn Out (Motorbike Racing)
27. Flashback (cool platform adventure)
28. White Men Can't Jump (Basketball)
29. Flip-Out (Graphically great puzzler)
30. RayMan (The nicest platformer yet)
31. Ultra Vortek (Lethal beat 'em up)
32. Power Drive Rally (Sooo realistic)
33. Pitfall (The Mayan Adventure -hot)
34. Ruiner Pinball (Wacky Video pinball)
35. Missile Command 3D (Excellent fun)

Available, but comparatively rare!

36. I-War (polygon arcade-style game)
37. Atari Karts (Cartoon kart racing)
38. Fever Pitch (great arcade soccer)
39. Supercross 3D (motorbike racing)
40. NBA JAM TE (THE Arcade basketball)
41. Zoop (simple but addictive action)
42. Defender 2000 (from Jeff Minter!)
43. Attack of the Mutant Penguins (!!!)
44. Fight For Life (Virtua'ish Fighter)
45. Towers II (Huge 3D Adventure/RPG)
46. Breakout 2000 (Another new classic)
47. Aircars (Great 3D network game.)
48. Zero 5 (Galaxians 3D goes 2000.)
49. Iron Soldier II (YES on cartridge!)

Jaguar CD-ROMs

1. Blue Lightning (JaguarCD pack-in)
 2. Vid-Grid FMV (JaguarCD pack-in)
 3. Hoverstrike UV (Hovercraft at war)
 4. Highlander 1 (3D adventure/RPG)
 5. Dragon's Lair (classic arcade FMV)
 6. Myst (superb adventure/mystery)

Available, but comparatively rare!

7. BattleMorph (cool CyberMorph II)
 8. Primal Rage (arcade conversion)
 9. Baldies (sim city meets lemmings)
10. Space Ace (classic arcade FMV)
11. Brain Dead 13 (newest FMV game)
12. Iron Soldier II (great Mech war)  (New!) 
13. World Tour Racing (F1 racing)  (New!) 

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