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A few FREE PC tools to help developers!

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N.B. For ALL these programs, the extension is .OS2. However, to run them, this extension should be renamed to .EXE as normal. This is to prevent confusion for DOS users. Sorry!

Free Programmer's Tools

This tool strips off a Jaguar Server header, leaving just a binary.

This tool simply adds a suitable Jaguar Server header to a .BIN file.

This tool simply displays the various Jaguar Server header details.

This tool adds a Jaguar Server compatible header to a .BIN file.

This tool phrase pads your raw images for the Object Processor.


This full-screen tool allows you to build static object lists!

This tool converts CRY images into 16-bit RGB files.

This tool converts 16-bit RGB images into CRY files.

Free Graphic Support Files

Load the default Jaguar colour palette into Paint-Shop Pro!

You may want this "Licensed to Atari" image which I found.

Convert Paint-Shop Pro palette files to Jaguar format!

And finally test your palette files with this image!

General PC Utilities

Useful utilitiy for displaying/examining binary files.

Go OS/2, you can't do better!

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