Jaguar system test board that I found at the World of Atari '98 show. I believe this is probably what Atari used in house to do their reconditioning testing on returned Jaguar units. The display at top will give the current test it's running. Just by itself, no cable's attached, the test unit will go up to test 30. It will then flash 30 and FAIL, alternating between the two. I made some patch cables to connect to the controller ports and was able to get to test 32. So far, I haven't been able to get any further due to lack of instructions. If anyone has any info on this please email me.

The DSP port connector that I have labeled in the picture is my speculation. The port is connected to a Maxim MAX233CPP chip (RS232). The port above that is GOD KNOWS WHAT? This board is a multi-layer board and is well constructed. The DIP switches next to the LED display configure the board, but for what? And the connectors on the other side (HD15-F and DB25-M) have connections wired to each other, but what do they go to? A computer used for test monitoring?


Other interesting items that I saw at the WOA '98 show were:

Web TV Interface for Jaguar (missing necessary software though!)

Possible Jaguar II boards (unpopulated though!)

Jaguar Test Cartridge (short test version of the above test unit, software only)

Jaguar MIDI adapters

Jaguar CD ROM emulation adapters (used with a Falcon 030)



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