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Latest ATARI Gaming News

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News I've heard about the Atari Jaguar 64.

Last Update: 14/2/1997

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February 1998

26/2/1998 - Dark Knight Games delay release of their Extreme Rotary Controller for another week.

10/2/1998 - News that VD3D and Dark Knight Games have falled out, clarified. Bad news for us all!

January 1998

December 1997
November 1997
October 1997

September 1997

29/9/97 - Telegames start shipping ZERO 5, the Jaguar's first real 3D space action game, on cartridge.

26/9/97 - Added news that Telegames have confirmed 29th September as "Zero 5" cartridge release date.

16/9/97 - Confirmed release of Dark Knight Games Jaguar specific joystick- it REALLY is available!

2/9/97 - JustClaws opened a dialogue with Dark Knight Games to validate the status of their projects.

August 1997

25/8/97 - Reports surface that Telegames are planning a 4Mb cartridge version Iron Soldier 2, soon.

July 1997

5/7/97 - KB in the US are now carrying the Jaguar 64 and some games very widely, excellent news!

2/7/97 - EB distribute ALL the new Telegames games to their top 50 stores- and more! Good news!

June 1997

19/6/97 - Aircars has shipped! A second networking game for the Jaguar, and one hell of a game too...

16/6/97 - Telegames say "we've announced nothing official yet"; we believe Soul Star CD is coming!

14/6/97 - News reaches us that Telegames have another (CD) title lined up- could it be Soul Star?

12/6/97 - ICD confirm that Aircars will ship to all customers who've pre-ordered, on the 18/6/97.

2/6/97 - Telegames release World Tour Racing (CD) to dealers, one hell of an F1 racing game!

May 1997

28/5/97 - ICD contacted me today to confirm that the Aircars will be shipped in 2 weeks, at $59.95 US.

27/5/97 - Telegames confirm that "World Tour Racing" (CD) will be released late on 4th June 1997.

8/5/97 - ICD (of Catbox/Battlesphere fame) announce a new release for June, Aircars, by Midnite.

3/5/97 - First Jaguar owners get Iron Soldier II (CD) and say it rocks- and is very hard throughout!

April 1997

29/4/97 - Telegames release Iron Soldier II (CD) on CD-R media- good news for Jaguar 64 owners!

16/4/97 - Telegames announce Iron Soldier II will be released on CD-R, and available on 29th April.

8/4/97 - Rumours suggest Telegames are getting Iron Soldier II CD made in Germany by Eclipse.

6/4/97 - It appears Telegames are STILL stuck on producing a valid Atari CD encryption code track.

March 1997

26/2/97 - Jaguar Explorer Online #1 is released- Clay Halliwell has picked up where AEO left off.

07/3/97 - Telegames release date for Iron Soldier II (CD). (Missed due to technical problems!)

3/3/97 - The Nintendo 64 was launched 2 days ago- as the first 64-bit system. (We know better...)

February 1997

13/2/97 - Readysoft have cancelled Jaguar releases- Dragon's Lair II and Robinson's Requiem CD's.

12/1/97 - Nothing yet, but everyone is eagerly awaiting Iron Soldier II CD- coming from Telegames.

January 1997

9/1/96 - More information on upcoming releases from Telegames!

8/1/97 - Telegames announce changed release dates- now Zero 5 in April, and Worms in May.

6/1/97 - Telegames announces they are going to publish WORLD TOUR RACING (CD) soon.

6/1/97 - Telegames announces they are going to publish IRON SOLDIER II (CD) in February.

December 1996

16/12/96 - First stocks of the new games arrive at Telegames and retailer CHIPS in the UK!

11/12/96 - Telegames releases BREAKOUT 2000, their 2nd new cartridge. Addictive game!

11/12/96 - Telegames releases TOWERS II, their first new cartridge, a 3D 1st person RPG.

November 1996

10/11/96 - Just Claws gets updated! Yes, now I have a moment, Jaguar Just Claws is back.

October 1996

26/10/96 - A rumour develops that Jeff Minter (Yak) is working on a new video game system.

18/10/96 - Zero 5 (great 3D space shoot-em-up) by Caspian will now be released in Feb. '96.

18/10/96 - Telegames say WORMS, the famous 2D war game, is to be released in Jaguar '97.

18/10/96 - Towers II, the 3D real-time RPG by JV Enterprises is to be released December.

18/10/96 - Breakout 2000, the superb 3D update to Breakout, is to be released in December.

18/10/96 - Telegames announce FOUR new Jaguar 64 titles!

28/9/96 - Telegames send the code for their TOWERS II RPG cartridge to the ROM vendors.

September 1996

25/9/96 - New JTS/Atari management ensures a stop to rumours- NOTHING's happening!

24/9/96 - Jaguar enthusiast announces Jaguar Review Book. (Linked page has now gone...)

August 1996

18/8/96 - Only news is bad- Don Thomas is leaving Atari for Sony.

16/8/96 - Rumour has it the Tramiels are leaving JTS management- JTS/Atari lives on though.

July 1996

17/7/96 - Beatties VR (UK chain) are selling the Jaguar and games- and at very good prices!

14/7/96 - Feedback from Team 17 suggests that WORMS (cart) should be released August.

7/6/96 - No Jag news but Rebellion now know that Telegames might publish SkyHammer. ;-)

June 1996

24/6/96 - News of a Jaguar "Underground" suggests that Jaguar SHAREWARE may appear!

23/6/96 - Electronics Boutique restore the Jaguar to UK stores- tell them you're pleased!

22/6/96 - JV Enterprises confirmed to me today that Towers II is coming from Telegames.

5/6/96 - Another day without a new title... but some news to update- Worms and Towers II.

April 1996

19/4/96 - Fight For Life (cartridge) ships ON-TIME to generally good response from users!

7/4/96 - News that FFL (cartridge) will be shipped on 19/4/96 emerges- reliably! (Yes!)

March 1996

15/3/96 - Attack of the Mutant Penguins CD is released in US- wacky arcade puzzle game.

13/3/96 - EB and Babbages (both in US) run "Jaguar 64 at $50" promotions for short time.

3/3/96 - Rumours of Atari sale are wrong- Atari Games (part of TWI) is sold to Williams

February 1996

24/2/96 - A new SILLY rumour is that Nolan Bushnell (Atari's founder) wants Atari back!

21/2/96 - Atari confirm a continued plan of action for Jaguar software releases in 1996.

13/2/96 - Atari officially announce their Merger with JTS Corp.. This may be good news!

9/2/96 - Defender 2000 cartridge is released in the US- Jeff Minter's 2nd, and final title.

January 1996

26/1/96 - Space Ace (CD) by Readysoft becomes available for the Jaguar CD in the US.

24/1/96 - Shipping dates for Defender 2K (9/2/96) and Fight For Life (16/2/96) surface.

23/1/96 - EB advise me that only customer feedback (letters) can change their decision.

20/1/96 - Electronic Boutique (EB) in the UK tell stores they're recalling Jaguar stocks.

19/1/96 - Atari UK announce they've signed-up 2 NEW developers for Jaguar/PC projects.

19/1/96 - Atari US and Atari UK both vehemently deny that they are quitting the market.

19/1/96 - The Atari world reverberates to rumours of Atari's imminent market departure.

18/1/96 - Tedd Hoff, head of Atari US operations resigns amid company disagreements.

10/1/96 - NBA Jam (TE) and Zoop cartridges both released and available- yes MORE titles!

8/1/96 - I got my hands (in the UK) on a Jaguar Pro-Controller and BattleMorph CD (Yes!)

5/1/96 - Atari Interactive has become active with a shareware DEMO of Tempest 2K PC

3/1/96 - Atari announce a new division, Atari Interactive to do PC and rival platform games

December 1995

Dec. '95 - So many new games are released shops begin to run out of shelf-space for them!

(Games released in December were Missile Command 3D, Primal Rage CD, I-War, Atari Karts, SuperCross 3D, Fever Pitch Soccer, BattleMorph CD and much awaited, Myst CD.)

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