Worms by Team 17 being published by Telegames
Available '98 sometime

Worms is an excellent strategy action game where you take turns trying to blow the crap out of the other dude's team of worms.

This game features a ton of things to do and use. Stuff like: Bazookas, uzis, shotguns, homing missiles, dynamite, hand grenades, cluster bombs, mines, airstrikes, teleporters, bunjee ropes, ninja ropes, girders, blowtorches, pneumatic drills, and more.

There's over 1000 frames of Worm animation! There are even hand-to-hand fighting elements in this totally original game. Dragon punches, dragon balls (ala Street Fighter), and even a prod pushing move.

One of the coolest things about this game is that, you can't always guess what your opponent is gonna do. They might teleport, drill underground and make a protected fortress, or just aim to blow your head off! Use bungee ropes to get to hard to reach areas. Use girders to get over canyons, water, or any other obstruction. Battle on playfields such as: a hellish fire world, an anarctic type ice and snow region, woodland, World War II, psychedelic, and fantasy levels.

The worms say things like: stupid!(when you blow yourself up), leave me alone!(after he's been blasted with a double barrel shotgun), You'll regret that!, and so much more funny stuff. This game has a high violence level, but it is totally hilarious. The game has options to play in teams or all against all. Set the limit of match and move time. You can name your team players and save them. The game includes a multi-player option for up to 4 players. I've played the PC version heavily and I can honestly say this is one of the best games out there. The gameplay is spectacular!

Note: These screenshots are low quality......Sorry 'bout that.

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