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Welcome to the latest edition of the Webmaster info =)

Well, guys and gals, I've really been spending too much time writing tunes lately. I hope you've taken a look at my little music page, cuz that really tells the tale of what I've been doing lately (although there are only a small fraction of my songs up there).

Other than that, I've just been kicking back and hanging out with a few friends. My Jag-owning cousin, Luke recently won an N64 in a contest, so I've been scoping out some of it's games. Some of them aren't too bad, but a lot of them are trash. We rented Extreme G a few nights ago and I had a blast with it. The multiplayer modes really jack up your view, but I liked the Single and Shoot 'Em Up modes especially well...and just ask Kevin how much I like MK4 =-)

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That's me with my cousin Jarrod before he went to California. I'm on the right ;)

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Profile Atarian: Wes Powell

Wes Powell
Age: 18
Atari Systems: Jaguar/Jaguar CD
Jaguar games: 53

As a kid, I grew up with a few old Atari systems. I remember playing Pitfall for the 2600 an awful lot. Combat was also one that was in the slot often. We also had an old pong system....I remember, when a game was won, the screen would flash rainbow colors. Back then we freaked out!..hehe I wonder what we would have done if someone showed us a Jag game?! I also had a Lynx for a time. I wasn't able to get games for it as often as I liked, being younger, so I ended up getting rid of it.

Early '94, I made the choice to save up and get a Jaguar. I was considering either Jaguar, 3DO, or CDX. I think I made the best choice...hehe. I saved my cash for about 4-5 months, and the next thing I knew, I had my Jag on April 1st! That's April Fool's Day, but it definitely wasn't a foolish choice! The first game besides Cybermorph that I got was Tempest 2000. Boy was I amazed! Never before had I witnessed a video game with such power. T2K had to have been the biggest leap forward in the history of video games...nothing went that far. You know how when you shoot a guy and then it explodes, then the pixels suck back together and a power-up starts to come up the corridor? I was seeing those all day at school! I could hardly pay attention in typing class because I kept seeing particle explosions on the page!

No other Jaguar game produces an adrenaline rush quite like Defender 2000. Just yesterday, I popped it in expecting to play a few levels. Next thing I know, I'm on level 87 sweating, and kickin' stuff around the room! At that point, I was down to one ship, but I pulled back up, and managed to finish the game! Not much else will make you hold your breath like shooting it out with the final Camel on level 100. Insanely intense! I haven't found games like these on any other platform.

Jaguar games just hit the spot with me. There is something unique about them. As with most people, Alien Vs. Predator was a great gaming experience for me. The graphics were (and are still in a lot of cases today) second to absolutely none. Iron Soldier is still IMO the best mech/war sim out there. I could go on and on. I try often not to focus on the dowfalls of Atari and the Jaguar. It was a superior console that had it's short moment in the eye of the public, but in my eyes, it's had uncountable moments. I've found more joy in the games on Jaguar than on any other platform.

Here is my Jaguar Top Ten!

10. MISSILE COMMAND 3D (Jaguar/Atari)

This update of the classic is great. It's a virtual defense-fest in a 3D world. I liked 3D mode a lot too....the ability to upgrade your cities and missiles. Cool stuff.

9. IRON SOLDIER (Jaguar/Atari)

I can still remember the first day I played this game. My jaw dropped open at the site of a helicopter explosion above me.... and the site of the pieces dropping in front of me was amazing. The variety in the mission objectives kept this game fresh....no "get the pods" levels.


It's no game, but it definitely graced the Jag CD. VLM creation is awesome!

7. ALIENS VS. PREDATOR (Jaguar/Atari)

hehe....need I even say anything?

6. TOWERS II (Jaguar/Telegames)

The thing that really draws me to this game is the story and depth. It's unlike any other Jaguar game out there. Deep story, nice graphics, nice music, witty puzzles, and superb character interaction.

5. ZERO-5 (Jaguar/Caspian/Telegames)

I feel that this is a game the Jaguar really needed. It showcases the Jag's poly power and provides some free-flowing gameplay. Hard-core gamers will really get into this game. The challenge is unbelievable and the fun factor is excellent.

4. DEFENDER 2000 (Jaguar/Atari)

This game's not too steep for me. Others complain that it's too hard. The game's a total blast! Untamed speed and power-ups galore....Those flaming fingers on level 60 are killers!!

3. TEMPEST 2000 (Jaguar/Atari)

This game is undoubtedly one of the best and most addictive games ever. The rush that you get from this baby is great. Jumping, dodging, spinning, pixels flying towards you....totally insane!

2. BATTLEMORPH (Jaguar CD/Atari)

Luscious shading, great cinemas, a ton of levels, lots of weapons, and even some cool soft-techno tunes. You rarely find games this good.

1. IRON SOLDIER 2 CD (Jaguar CD/Eclipse/Telegames)

This game pushes the capabilities of the Jaguar. 20 nail-biting missions, awesome techno/industrial/grunge style tunes, great T-mapped graphics, friendly control setup and a whole lotta destruction!!!

Hover Strike: Unconquered Lands
Ultra Vortek
Cannon Fodder
Theme Park
Super Burnout
Val D'Isere

I'd like to thank some people who've been of help to me and Jagu-Dome:

Atari for creating the Jaguar and giving me something to make a page about.

Chad Ridgeway for his many great reviews. Thank you ;)

Clay Halliwell for his help and contributions to the site.

Demon, John Myers, and Steven Downer for their contributions as well.

Kevin Manne for being a cool friend and his work on the Jagu-Sounds page. Thanks for scanning my pics, Buddy!

Greg George for being cool and putting some of my stuff in the excellent Atari Times. That's something I'm still proud of ;)

Dave Homenuck for being the ultimate fan of Jagu-Dome...you're awesome, Dave :)

Everyone who visits the site!

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