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The July 21st edition


For anyone who's wondering, I'm the one who runs Jagu-Dome...I do some things for Jagu-Sounds, but Kevin Manne is the master of that area. I've been a strong Jag supporter in the past, and will continue to be until the bitter end...

As you may know, I've been gearing up to head to New York to attend JagFest '98. This year is going to rock even beyond last year's, I think...We are going to have a blast. Best part is that I'll be having an extended visit with Kevin afterwards -- I'm looking forward to it. Sorry the pages haven't been updated as regularly as usual, but I've had other things going on...gotta enjoy my summer to the fullest extent, right? =)

Music, music, music...what's up with the music? Well, I've been cranking out new songs quite regularly. Are they getting better? I think so. I've got quite a collection of songs to my credit now. I'm in major need of some more memory for my AWE64, cuz this 4 megs isn't hacking it anymore. I should be getting a Roland XP-80, a Roland VS-1680, a CD-R, a new computer and some other stuff soon...then I can really get myself into gear.

I love to play my music. It's relaxing; it's how I expess myself. I think that music is is one of the most powerful healing elements out there if you use it the right way. I think music should be enjoyed, and it should make you feel happy. I'm strongly against Marilyn Manson and other hate music.

What have I been listening to lately? I got the soundtrack to Unreal...there's some great techno/orchestral stuff in there! I recently got Fuel's album, Sunburn. It's a good one, but some of the stuff is a bit too hard for my tastes. Semisonic has a rather strange sound...mixed bag on that CD. As always, Third Eye Blind gets the most play...

I got a few great PC games to speak of. First off, Unreal is freakin' awesome, dude. You've got to play it with a Voodoo/2 card soon! My P166 is rolling it along semi-smooth, but I can't wait to test it out on a 266 with Voodoo2. This game has THE BEST atmosphere in any game I've played. I thought that AvP couldn't be topped, but I was wrong. Unreal has some of the best graphic effects ever. The water, fire and sky effects are especially awesome. The music and sound effects are unmatched...As I mentioned above, I bought the soundtrack for it...freakin' smooth.

The other game I picked up isn't as new, but it's almost as cool. Uprising from 3DO is a great game. I like to say it's a mix between Hover Strike, Quake and Warcraft. The Graphics are smooth with or without a Voodoo card and the orchestral soundtrack is intense. The gameplay is nice and tough. You need some serious strategy to finish off some of the later levels. Of course you can upgrade your craft, weapons, defenses and more...Definitely a great gaming experience there...

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