Jagu-Dome: Hey Vince,

> First of all I want to thank you for your time and effort on this interview. Thank you. Let's begin.

Vince: Thanks for doing the interview. :)

> 1) First of all, can you tell us a bit about the Towers II team?

Jv Enterprises began with two people, Jag and myself. When we were developing Towers II we decided that we could not handle the work load,so we found Eric Richardson, our music writer, and John Easton, who helped design the monsters and characters.

I, of course, did the programming, and Jag did the designing, map creation, and puzzles in the game.

> 2)How long has this game been in the works?

We first developed this game for the Atari Falcon. It took us about 9 months to develop and create. We then started porting the game to the Jaguar, made tons of visual improvments, and that took us about 6 months to do.

> 3)What will be the cart size on the game?

The game will fit in a 2meg cartridge. The Falcon game was about 4 megs.The jaguar version w/ added textures and size of some graphics to more. We were able to squeeze it into a two meg cartridge.

> 4)Tell us a little about the game's plot and storyline.

The story is a continuation from Towers I on the Atari ST & PC. Its about a group of men, who were sailing to battle. Along the way, they were shipwrecked onto a little island. In an attempt to repair the ship and continue on thier way, they took up odd jobs to pay for the repairs.

Towers II starts, when the Sheriff, called the characters in for a job. One of the lords, who owned a tower, has been on a rampage and no one has heard from him. The sheriff asks one of the party members to go into the Castle alone, and find out what is going on. The reason alone? Only single thieves have been seen coming back out of the Castle. A party of all the elite, entered the Castle, but never returned.

> 5)Will there be selectable characters? If so, how will they vary?

You can select from one of Four characters. Gerand, the fighter. Andros, the circus performer. Taslar, the boy. Merton, the wizard.

Each character can cast spells and use weapons, but in varing degrees.
Gerand's magic is really weak, but he can carry a horse and use heavy and strong weapons.
Merton has problems lifting himself. :) But, can develop and use power fulmagic.
Andros and Taslar, are in between Gerand and Merton, as far as their skills are concerned.

> 6)What types of RPG elements does the game contain? Bosses? Spells? Weapons?

At first the game starts off pretty easy. Its a matter of killing some characters and finding the correct keys to move on. As you progress, puzzles become far more intricate. Certain weapons/spells work on certain monsters/areas. Other traps, puzzles and riddles also occupy the tower.

> 7)How will the battles take place? Will the game be played like Doom?

All the battles are in real time. I guess they can be compared to Doom, at least at first. However, they may be several monsters that you may not defeat in one battle, and some weapons or spells may not work on them as well.

> 8)Do you know what the rating on the game will be? Is there any gore in the game?

There is not any gore in the game. There are some blood spots, drops of blood flying out of the monsters. Other then that, its pretty timid. :)

> Now that we've discussed some of the gameplay elements, lets talk about some technical stuff.

> 1)What is the resolution on the game? Colors? Speed? Any special effects?

The game runs at a resolution of 320x200 with 65000 colors, ingame music and stereo sound effects at 41.4Khz. The speed is between AvP and Doom.

> 2)In your opinion, how long would it take the average gamer to complete this game?

Wow, that is a tough one to answer! I'd say it takes ME about 15 hours to play from start to finish. There is alot of stuff to do and get, and things to fight, that even if you know what to do, it can take some time. :)

> 3)Alot of people have talked about developers taking their games from the Jag and publishing them on other platforms. Will this be an Atari exclusive?

Towers II should be available on the PC as well. BTW, We tested the porton a 50Mhz 486DX in 65k colors and the Jaguar version still runs faster. :)

> 4)What are your future plans?

Right now, I am trying to close up our projects, so that Jag and I can start designing our new game.

> Vince. I want to thank you again for taking your time to do this interview for the Jagu-Dome. I wish you and the crew good luck on whatever the future holds for you. Towers II should spring some new life into the Jaguar community. We thank you for that. Cheers!

> Wes Powell

Thanks for your time. I can't wait to see Towers II finally reach the Jaguar public.

Vince @ JV Enterprises

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