Impressive Tilework

Alien Vs. Predator creates such an immersive and believable atmosphere, I bet you'd never think it all started with bathroom tiles, huh? Well, it's true! The walls were created by taking the 5 X 5 inch tiles and putting model parts on them, then airbrushing the details in. Then they were digitized and used in the game.

Paul Johnson, from Birmingham England, was cool enough to send me some photos of the 4 tiles he got from one of the programmers at Rebellion. I've scanned them all in so you can take a look at 'em. Thanks again, Paul =)



Shot of all 4 Tiles
Tile from the elevator wall
Tile from the Brig area
Tile from the Kitchen (note: the pipes running across the top are made of drinking straws)
Tile from Kitchen # 2
Paul Johnson holding his tiles and an AvP cartridge