News Flash....Telegames with the official annoucement of their plans to release new games!

.....Ok. This move by Telegames is very great for us Jag owners. Someone with THE GUTS has finally stepped in here and decided to take a *risky* move (Atari wouldn't even do it). Noone is sure if the Jaguar market is still profitable, but these people are risking alot on this venture. We Should show OUR support in return by buying the new products that are the result of this venture. Tell everyone you know about this new's very important for the future of Jaguar games.

.....Extra special thanks goes out to Telegames for this awesome move to bring us some NEW games that I'm sure will be nothing short of pure quality.

Here's the Official Report:

Jaguar Gets New Life Telegames announces new titles

Telegames has chosen to continue its support of the Jaguar platform even though Atari (now JTS) has terminated support for its own system.

"There remains a significant base of loyal Jaguar owners who will support new product releases. As long as this support continues, Telegames will deliver additional quality products" - Telegames president Terry Grantham

Telegames has already released two high quality games in Breakout 2000 and Towers II. Telegames has obviously done well with these titles, as they have decided to release a few more.

Here's what they have planned

Breakout 2000 cartridge released Dec. 9th '96
Towers II cartridge released Dec. 9th '96
Iron Soldier 2 CD Released
World Tour Racing CD Released
Zero-5 cartridge Released
Worms cartridge

Iron Soldier 2 Cart

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Remember....Tell everyone about this. It is our job to spread the word!

--Wes Powell--

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