Tempest 2000
The Soundtrack

I thought it was about time we did a page for one of the best CDs out there. Imagitec did such an incredible job on the tunes in the game that it was only right that they produced a soundtrack. T2K had 7 tracks on it: the intro, 4 web themes and 2 bonus level tracks. The CD soundtrack has 12 tracks, 6 from the game and 6 other tracks that were intended for the game originally, but limited cart space denied them the go-ahead. They didn't include the intro/title screen music on the CD tho...If you don't own this CD, you owe it to yourself to pick it up. It's top quality stuff =)

CD case pix:

MP3 Samples:
Thermal Resolution -300K Future Tense -527K
Mind's Eye -264K Digital Terror -266K
T2K -262K Hyper Prism -454K
Ease Yourself -308K Glide Control -374K
Tracking Depth -319K Ultra Yak -403K
Construcive Demolition -308K 2000 Dub -389K

Lyrics/Voice Samples

There are often arguments over what's being said on this soundtrack. Here are a few of the most common guesses/opinions people have.
* = What Wes thinks!

1. Thermal Resolution
*Drop the bass now
-Rock the bass now

2. Mind's Eye
Play (duh!)
*Television is the retina of the mind's eye
-Television is the retina; the mind's eye

3. T2K
Let's go
C'mon Paul, we'll never die

4. Ease Yourself
Ease yourself back into consciousness

5. Tracking Depth

6. Constructive Demolition
*Bring the bass back
-Bring the beat back
-Bring the big bat

7. Future Tense
Just what is it that you want to do?
We're gonna have a good time
*More in store in the future
-Hardcore is the future
This is not over yet
It's just the right thing to do

8. Digital Terror
Let's Go

9. Hyper Prism
Ladies and Gentlemen
Enter a world
There it is
Next time you need to lose yourself in a jungle of ambient sounds
Now, for the first time ever
Digitally recorded
In case you'd like to hear more

10. Glide Control

11. Ultra Yak

12. 2000 Dub
*What I'm goin' to bust into is goin' to be some serious stuff
-What I'm goin' to bust into, dude, is some serious stuff