Jaguar Shareware & Demos

With software support for the Jaguar continually diminishing, the best bet for future Jag gaming may lie in the hands of underground developers designing shareware for the Jag. This page will be mostly dedicated to the games, so if you're looking for developer info, check out the following links for software, documentation and such:

Unfortunately Scott Walters is no longer offering the BJL Modification service. To modify your Jag yourself visit the Behind Jaggy Lines (BJL) Homepage, or Matthias Domin and 42Bastian's How to modify your Jaguar.

You need a Jag-Server, BJL Kit or an official Jaguar Development system to play these games.

The Games

The Assassin
(982 KB)
Homepage Documentation Here's OMC's first playable demo of their upcoming RPG, "The Assassin". In this demo you can check out static screens, read a bunch of intro storyline, and assign character attributes
(289 KB)
Homepage A nice semi-update of the classic Asteroids. This was Sinister Development's first attempt at making a Jag game.
Command Line: loader -n -b 0x00020000 asteroid.bin
Homepage An ongoing project by "BadCoder" to take amateur developers through the steps of coding a Jaguar game.
Classic Gorf
(67.6 KB)
Homepage From Krunch FORCE comes this Classic Gorf playable demo! Steve Scavone calls it "a coding mess to give drooling Jag owners an idea" of what to expect. :-)
(32.8 KB)
Homepage This is a PACMANIA-Clone with 16 different mazes. It is possible to save the highscore list on the EEPROM of a cartridge. By Matthias Domin.
(6.17 KB)
Homepage A Marble Madness clone, by Matthias Domin.
(118 KB)
Homepage Documentation What game system would be complete without its very own version of Tetris? The Jaguar version, JagTris, is by Bastian Schick.
(775 KB)
Homepage Documentation A Horizontal, 2D, Sprite based shoot 'em up like the old arcade classics R-Type I +II. Click here for a full preview of the title, and a review of the demo from Thunderbird from 4Play.
(33.8 KB)
Homepage Documentation Qix clone game from Sinister Developments.
(1 MB)
Homepage An early one-track playable demo from Sinister Developments. This was the most they did of the game.
Command Line: loader -n -s 168 -b 0x00010000 slam.cof

Other Programs

The Assassin
(261 KB)
Homepage Documentation A non-playable title-screen demo of the upcoming Jag game "The Assassin" by OMC games.

SlamRacer Intro
(472 KB)

Homepage The title screen, option menus and attract mode for Slam Racer.
Command Line: loader -n -s 168 -b 0x00010000 intro.cof

JagFest Welcome
(468 KB)

Homepage This is the program that Scott Walters put together to welcome attendees at the door of JagFest '98. Features art by Wes Powell and some cool techno music.

Euro JagFest Demo
(183 KB)

Homepage This program was written by Lars "Starcat" Hannig for display at the 2000 European JagFest.
JDC Demo
(118 KB)
Homepage Documentation A demo program made by Lars Hannig.
(2.57 KB)
Homepage Program for choosing ChrY-colour values in 256 colour mode.
Using the left/right/down/up-button you can choose the Chroma-part.
Use the C-/A-button to choose Luminance.
Press PAUSE to quit. By Matthias Domin.
Colors + Mouse
(4 KB)
Homepage Documentation Same as, but uses a mouse instead. Source included. Click here for a diagram showing how to connect a mouse to the Jag. By Matthias Domin.

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