Kev's Collection


Rare and Unusual Jaguar Stuff

Jaguar Test Cartridge

I got this goodie from Best runs various tests of the Jaguar hardware like color, sound, and joypad tests, contains a modified version of Cybermorph and a digitized picture of birds! Check out the screenshots below to see for yourself.

Atari Launches Jaguar CD Audio CD

This CD was apparently given out to retailers to promote the launch of the Jaguar CD peripheral (hence the name). It contains one track that's 3:32 long, of an announcer talking over the T2K soundtrack. Hit the link below to hear it!

Jaguar Eyes CD

This is one of those CD's that Atari would use for promo shots of the JagCD. It has the Jaguar eyes and the Jaguar Logo on it. It contains absolutely NO data whatsoever, but it's a cool collectors item anyways.

Blue/Grey Jag Controller

Some believe this was used for the Falcon line of Atari Computers due to the color scheme. But when I asked Don Thomas about it, he said that he "...checked with someone else who was at Atari at the time. He agrees with me that those were protos for developers and testing before the final colors were decided." Either way, this is one cool looking Jaguar controller!

Pre-Production Smooth Black Jag Controller

I wasn't quite sure what to expect when I ordered this up from B&C Computervisions, but I was pretty excited when I opened the box. I've got no background to this item, other than speculation that it's probably a pre-production model of the Jaguar 18 button controller we all know and love. This controller's made of super-smooth black plastic, and sports an extra-large directonal pad.

Developer's Flash ROM Cartridge

This is what I'm currently using to playtest Protector. This cart was used by Jaguar software developers to test unencrypted games on stock Jaguar consoles. It's most notable feature is the Parallel Port input on the front of the cartridge, used for transferring data to the cart from a PC. They're expensive little buggers ;-)

You can find a picture of this item (dissassembled!) at Back In Time. Click here to see the picture.

Jaguar Stereo Interface Card

A PCB with a headphone mini-jack out on it...I wrote up a little article on it which you can find here.