A list for those who want to see Telegames take on yet even more unreleased but finished titles wasting away at Atari. We have let Telegames know that we would strongly support such an effort and will continue to. Thanks to Telegames for keeping the Jaguar alive with four new games coming out. I (Steve Scavone) would also personally like to thank the guys and gal at 4Play for not giving up hope on us. Thanks! :^)

If you sign this list, we expect you to support Telegames. Please check out the new titles from them for your Jag!

Current List

Game Jagu-Dome review score
Breakout 2000 88%
Towers II: Plight of the Stargazer 88%
Iron Soldier 2 CD 100%
Zero-5 93%
Worms NA
Iron Soldier 2 /cartridge NA

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