Mail-Order Sources

So you're looking for those awesome Jaguar games, but no local stores carry Jag stuff? Well, I have the same problem. I have to go strictly mail-order, and it's pretty cool. You can get the games a day after they're released (a little extra charge for shipping of course :-])! Here's a list of people who I always call first.
**Wes Powell**
Bits o' Fun
These guys are the ones I've been ordering from lately. Great prices and a special every now and then. Flat shipping rate of 5 bux for UPS ground, and 2nd and next day air are available.
Phone #: 1-800-FUN-JAGS

Toad Computers
These guys are the Atari only guys. Not the cheapest, but good service.
Phone #: 1-800-448-TOAD

Video Game Liquidators
These guys sell used titles as well as new ones at dirt cheap prices. I recently ordered 5 used games for 30 bux!
Phone #: 1-888-944-GAME(4263)

Tiger Direct
These guys are offering great deals! Special game packs at excellent prices.
Phone #: 1-800-888-4437

These guys are out of the Salt Lake City area. I've been to the store quite a few times (where I was able to play a pre-release version of Ultra Vortek by the way), and the staff is nice, and unlike some stores, they aren't Jag bashers. I saw AVP posters on the wall, and Jag hats on the workers. Cool!

Electronics Boutique
If EB recieves enough orders for Iron Soldier 2, they'll start stocking the new games from Telegames!
Phone #: 1-800-800-0032

Go Atari (of course!)
The official place to go....retail prices though.
Phone #: 1-800-GO-ATARI

United Game Source
Very good prices! Mostly new stuff.

Well, I think that's all, if you know of others with 1-800 #'s,E-mail me with it.
I hope these are useful to ya =>.
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