Native by Duranik Software

Here's the scoop on Duranik's Jaguar project 'Native':

Native is a Horizontal, 2D, Sprite based shoot 'em up like the old arcade classics R-Type I +II.

  • 50/60 Frames Per Second
  • 16-Bit RGB Mode (65 thousand colors)
  • Up to 4 layers of parallax scrolling
  • Animated background graphics
  • Horizontal and vertical scrolling and more....
  • Features all kinds of enemies.
  • You can get cash to buy extra weapons in Critos Shop, but be careful because he has a trade agreement with death.

This game looks looks better than that. Some of the graphics seem in the screenshots are so detailed and smooth looking, I'd say it looks better than Trevor Mcfur. If the designers know anything about what they're doing (which it seems they do), hopefully it'll play much better than Trevor Mcfur. I hope Duranik finds a publisher for this title.


More Screenshots!

Jag Server Demo Review from T-Bird

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