Native Demo Review from Thunderbird of 4Play

Date received: 10/27/97 21:14 from (Thunderbird)
Subject: Native Demo

The Good:

Beautiful Rendered Bitmaps Really Cool Text Effect Neat Hold-Longer-To-Charge-For-Bigger-Shot Weapon Many Many Many Objects Onscreen Cool Explosion Animation (where was this taken from?) Very Nice Animated Backgrounds Lots of Detail in all sprites Variety of Attackers Cool DSP decompress-on-the-fly code GPU game Engine

The Bad:

If nobody offers to produce it they will quit work in 4 weeks Zero-5 like thumb burner (not my favorite genre) Only 3 layers of parallax is a little 'flat' looking No Music No Sound (perhaps impossible with DSP decompressing?) Sometimes easy to confuse debris with enemies (intentional?) Won't fit on 2M cart, and Developers have no CD devkit.

The Verdict: Game has loads of promise. Looks as good as "Mischief Makers" coming for N64. The Jag should absolutely RULE in this type of genre. This Genre is really not my thing though.

Thunderbird 4Play

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