The Joys of Jaguar

Here is a list of the top reasons to own a Jaguar.

Iron Soldier 2
Released by Telegames, Iron Soldier has gotten my vote for best Jaguar game yet. Much more texture mapping than the original, more enemies and weapons, more levels, awesome cinemas with low-grain, Dolby Surround sound effects, and a techno-industrial CD soundtrack with major bass. The difficulty has been turned up a notch, and there's even a second mech that you can choose from after finishing the game. A must have for Jag CD owners.

Out of the many games I've seen, not many come close to the creativity and innovation of this one. The ideas are there and the execution is there as well. Minimal loading times, great audio work, smooth cinematics, great puzzle layouts, user friendly control, and a mass number of levels and weapons. One of the best games of all time is available on the Jag CD.

Tempest 2000
The game that shocked multitudes of gamers. The game that proved Jaguar nay-sayers wrong. The game that took everything to a whole new level thanks to Jeff Minter's creativity and genius. The Saturn and Playstation versions just don't have the same spark. The Jag version is 2 years older, and many still contend that it's still the best version out there.

Defender 2000
Jeff Minter's last masterpiece for the Jag. Takes the word Intensity to a whole new level. The game flat out flies with blazing speed and grace. Crowds of enemies populate the screen, and the old Jag fails to give in. Arguably one of the best soundtracks for a Jaguar game.

Want to throw in a game that'll impress? This is your ticket. Cool next generation look, raging techno tunes, thunderous explosions and a ton of fun. With this game you get a complete package.

Alien Versus Predator
One of the most popular Jaguar games, AVP showed off the Jaguar's graphic powers. Stunningly realistic player environments and sound effects. Huge level design kept players playing for hours on end. Probably the best movie licensed game in history.

Ultra Vortek
IMO, still one of the top 5 fighting games available. The graphics are ultra-polished and the music score is ultra-rock. Beyond Games took advantage of the Jaguar hardware in this one, and it shows. This is the first game I'll pop in for newbies to the Jag. Other games catch newbies off-guard because they take a while to get into, but UV has impressive graphics and gameplay that most people are accustomed to.

Iron Soldier
Still probably the 2nd best Mech-War sim out there (2nd to Iron Soldier 2). The virtual feeling you get while playing this game is unbelievable. Hunting helicopters in mazes of skyscrapers and flying Cruise Missiles to target points is something all gamers should enjoy. One of the first games to show off some polygon power on the Jag.

Towers II
A first generation game from JV games is not only the first Jaguar RPG, it's the best ;) The game is steadily growing in popularity among Jaguar gamers around the 'net. The game's depth and storyline impresses gamers as they get further into the game. Too bad there aren't more games like this available for the Jag.

An impressive translation from the PC hit, Doom moves fast and furious. One of the best console versions on the market with it's high framerate and networking ability. One of the only "Big Name" games on the Jaguar.

Virtual Light Machine
Built into the Jaguar CD hardware, the VLM packs a massive wallop. To be able to see your favorite CD track move and bump along on the screen is great. It has 81 effects. Compare that to the 3 of the 3DO's light synth. Ultra colorful and music-responsive. Even more, the VLM is editable. Stuff like this isn't out on other systems ya know :)

The rest of the Jaguar library.
Most of the Jaguar games are good attempts. Sure, people may try to cut-down the Jag by throwing out names such as: Double Dragon V, Checkered Flag, Dragon, or Club Drive. These games are only a fraction of what's available on the Jaguar. There are many more good games than bad, in my opinion.

Highly affordable.
People are turned onto the system by seeing "64-BIT" with a $15-25 price tag on it. Game prices have dropped substantially, and this makes it easy to build up a large collection of games in a short time.

These people deserve a big applause. Supporting this orphaned system by licensing quality games. Hit games like Towers II, Iron Soldier 2, World Tour Racing, and Zero-5. I'm supporting Telegames until the bitter end.

This game rules and it's only for Jaguar =)

by Wes Powell

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