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From the VLM!
Jagtunes Released Phase Zero Released
After some e-mailing, I managed to track down the original MOD files from Atari Karts! Many people agree Atari Karts has some great tunage. Unfortunately, the intro tune isn't in the zip file (it has a booter.mod that isn't in the game), but the rest of the tunes seem to be intact...as well as an extra or two =)

Clinton Forney encoded the intro track from Blue Lightning. Thanks, Clinton!

These are all available from our sister-site Jagu-Sounds!


Once thought to be completely lost, Mark Santora has been kind enough to offer a beta of Phase Zero to the Jaguar community. The game consists of 5 levels consisting of very nice and smooth moving voxel graphics, very impressive for ye old Jaggy :-). You can play the game only if you have a Flash cart or Alpine development kit. Either way, the game can be found at:


For those not fortunate enough to have the means to play the game, I've captured 9 screeshots which you can find on the Pix page or by clicking here.

Kasumi Ninja Proto Pic Thanks + Plug
Just as I was putting together this update I got a call from JEO-man Clay Halliwell with a very early (and very cool) screenshot from Kasumi Ninja. It was scanned from the October '93 issue of Atari User magazine, and looks almost indecipherable from the Kasumi we know and love (sorta). You can see it in the Image Library. Don't miss the new screenshots of Total Carnage while you're in the screenshot mood either. They're taken from the Jaguar version of the game. Thanks to everyone who checked out my Tempest 2000 - Superzapper Remix on MP3.com. It stayed in the top ten for a week or two and I appreciate the support! Also, Battle Plan - Orchestral Mix made the top ten.

Make sure you check out the hi-fi version of Technological Trickery, a song from Terance Williams' new Jag project, CRAZE!

These and other tunes can be downloaded freely @ http://www.mp3.com/Wes_Powell



Release Dates
(subject to change)
Age of Darkness In Development
Arkanna In Developement
The Assassin In Development
CRAZE! In Development
Doom + On Hold
Gorf 2000 In Development

Songbird Announcement


If you're hungry for a multiplayer overhead racer for the Lynx, with tons of tracks and player options, check out Championship Rally coming this Christmas from Songbird! The web site was recently updated with the latest screen shots, and the game is currently in final beta test.


Songbird has a limited supply of Rapid Fire Controllers for the Jaguar available for $39.95 each. These awesome modified controllers breathe new life into games like Raiden and Zero 5!


Take on the role of the last fighter pilot fending off waves of alien invaders in this instant classic for the Lynx! Incredible 3D scaling and big explosions make this game a must-have for Lynx fans. Available now, $39.95.


Crystal Mines II will never be the same! Get CM2: Buried Treasure today, and start designing and downloading new levels to your Lynx. Features over 50 brand new levels, plus all the original levels viewable in the included editor. (Lynx/PC serial cable also required, not included). Available now, $29.95.


Songbird is always pursuing more Lynx and Jaguar titles. Expect more releases well into 2001, and as always, stay tuned to http://songbird.atari.net for all the latest on Songbird Productions and the Jaguar and Lynx!

And be sure to pick up the October issues of GameFan and Next Generation, for great coverage of new Jaguar products and CGE2K, respectively.


Carl Forhan
Songbird Productions

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