Kasumi Ninja

Kasumi Ninja by Atari for Jaguar
Review by Scott Tomkovitch
# of players:1 - 2

The story: The Evil Ninja Lord Gyaku is trying to open the Dragon Cloud temple's portal to hell and unleashing his demons upon Kasumi island and the World. Kinda like MK's story.

The Graphics: The graphics are great. All the players where real actors! The back grounds almost look real. These are some of the best graphics I have ever seen. I give it ****+

The Sound: The sound is average. The guy sounds weird but is clear. The music is ok, not very repetitive. I give it ***+

The Control: First off the control in 2 player mode is excellant, you get all your moves off. But in 1 player mode for some reason you usually cant get many moves off. For Senzo in 1 player I can only get his teleport off and his death move. Every now and then I will get his fireball off. It is very hard to get the uppercut and throw off. I give it **+

The Fun Factor: The game is extremely fun in 2 player mode, but in 1 player it is questionable. Even on easy I found it very hard. There is a whole bunch of blood, which I like. I love the death moves, I just wish there was more of them.(a.k.a. Fatalities or finish them) I give it ***+


The Rating System:
***** Hurry and buy this game. There wont be many like it!
****+ This game is excellent. Almost perfect.
**** This game is great, only minor flaws.
****- This game is good, has some flaws
***+ This game is above average, has ups and downs
*** This game is average, has equal ups and downs
***- This game is below average, buy this only if you love the category
**+ This game is pretty bad, only for die hards.
** There is no real point in getting this game. Maybe for a rental only.
**- The game designers took no time in making this game
*+ Do not even consider in renting this game.
* Dont even look at this game
*- Run if you see this game

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