Iron Soldier

Iron Soldier by Atari for Jaguar
Review by Scott Tomkovitch
# of players: 1

The Story: The Iron Fist Corporation has taken over the planet with Iron Soldier or 42 ft. robots. The rebels have stolen a IS and want you to pilot it.

The Graphics: The graphics do not look like real life but look like a simulation, like the ones for the Army. The graphics are ecactly what this game needs. The graphics go right in with the game. I give it *****

The Sound: The sound is great! Is not repetitive either. I love the music when you are playing the game. I give it ****+

The Control: The is pretty good. It does get frustrating when you are walking and brush against a building you completly stop it is hard to get out of that spot. Also sometimes it is hard to tartget something. I give it: ****-

The Fun Factor: This game is extremely fun. Although it is a bit hard even on easy, it makes the replay value go up. The game is one of the best games for the Jaguar. I give it *****

Overall: ****+

The Rating System:
***** Hurry and buy this game. There wont be many like it!
****+ This game is excellent. Almost perfect.
**** This game is great, only minor flaws.
****- This game is good, has some flaws
***+ This game is above average, has ups and downs
*** This game is average, has equal ups and downs
***- This game is below average, buy this only if you love the category
**+ This game is pretty bad, only for die hards.
** There is no real point in getting this game. Maybe for a rental only.
**- The game designers took no time in making this game
*+ Do not even consider in renting this game.
* Dont even look at this game
*- Run if you see this game

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