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Well, it's here! Yes, Iron Soldier II, a game that many of us have been anxiously awaiting (for me, second only to Battlesphere), has finally arrived. Screw the fact that Atari is dead; thankfully, Telegames has been loyal enough to continue releasing Jag games that were finished but not deemed appropriate to release by the "wonderful" Tramiels [moment of silence]. Anyway, I had to sweat through several days of anticipation for it to arrive on my little doorstep (plus an extra day because of UPS's stupidity...), but it has finally reached my greedy little hands! Okay, enough. Let's get on to it, shall we?

Well, we all felt pretty good about ourselves, didn't we? Single-handedly ridding the world of the Iron Fist Corporation and all. Thanks to the fruits of our labors, the world is now ruled by a democratic government. But wait! Iron Fist's rival corporation, known as PENTA, is seizing this opportunity to take over IFC's territory, thus attacking and attempting to destroy the United Republic. Your job, should you choose to accept it (and who wouldn't?), is to pilot your 42-foot mech, the Iron Soldier, against the PENTA forces in an effort to protect the UR and eliminate the PENTA hordes. Yes, I know, it's basically the same mission you were given in the original, only this time with a different opponent. However, when blowing up stuff is this fun, who cares?

Yes, Iron Soldier 2 is just as much fun to play as the original! Everything... ummm... "blows up reeeeeeeeal good!" Nevertheless, there are some disappointments in the game that must be pointed out. These disappointments largely fall into the category of, "good game, but where's the updated stuff?" Let's just delve right into it, okay? Here goes...

Graphics: 7.5 (I wanted an update, not more of the same!)

Music/FX: 8 (Good, but I wanted more. What? Static?)

Control: 8.5 (Better dust off the cobwebs in your brain...)

Gameplay/Fun Factor: 9.5 (Get blowed up! Woo-hoo!)

  1. Standard Manipulator
  2. Cassy Assault Rifle
  3. Parker Chain Cutter
  4. Badger Hand Grenades
  5. Rachels Gatling Gun
  6. Wolfpack Rocket Launcher
  7. Charlotte Rail Cannon
  8. Slate Heavy Shield
  9. Sable Cruise Missile

However, Iron Soldier II adds a few new weapons to the fray, adding to the path of destruction:

  10. Sherry 00 Gauge Shotgun
  11. Corinne Automatic Grenade Launcher
  12. Ferret Homing Missiles
  13. Carlisle 75MM Heavy Machine Gun
  1. You only have one camera angle. Although not very realistic, it would have been nice to have a few different camera angles in the game - behind, in front of, and above your mech, for example.
  2. The cut scene FMV when you die (you'll see it a lot): You can't escape out of it. You have to watch it. Bummer. After seeing it 10 times or so, it gets old... (If someone knows how to escape out of it, let me know.)
  3. Although this doesn't bother me at all, the fact that it is NOT multiplayer capable is going to upset some people. If you are one of these people, then you can knock my Gameplay score down a notch if you'd like.



OVERALL: -8.5-




--J. Sean McKay (a.k.a Cynical_1)

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