Fever Pitch Soccer by US Gold

Type: Soccer
Players: 1 - 2
Teams: 50+
Procontroller: Yes


Fever Pitch Soccer is one of the two Soccer games available on the Jag. I got Sensible Soccer first, and I thought it was a fun, playable game, but after I gave Fever Pitch a try, it's hard to look back.

The graphics in Fever Pitch are probably what set it apart from Sensible the most. The players are about 6-7 times bigger, and needless to say, much more detailed. The different fields look nice, particularly the lush green one. The cut-scenes in between goals, penalties, etc. aren't too bad, but I can't say the artwork is phenomenal =)

The sound area is pretty cool. There isn't much music to speak of -- An intro track and some win/loss tunes sound a little -techno-ish, but for some reason, they remind me of Supercross' music. There are some nice sound effects in there as well as a handful of voice-overs.

The gameplay is real nice. The controls are fairly easy to grasp, and there are a lot of things you can do -- add height and curve to your shots, slide for the ball, head-butt, do special moves and more. There are different field conditions which change up the gameplay a bit...for example, a wet field will cause the ball to bounce unpredictably. One of the big incentives to make your way through the championship is to gain star players. These players are earned with credits, and they can perform different special moves.

There are a few options to mention. As I mentioned before, there are different field conditions as well as game duration, referee tolerance, cut-scnenes on or off, and your choice of language. There is an instant replay feature that's pretty cool when you'd like to rub it in a bit for your friend, but can be turned off if you're trying to quickly get through a game.

All in all, Fever Pitch is a nice game to have in your collection. It's a good bit of fun in the single player mode, but lots more fun against a friend. A nice game to just plug in to play for a quick game.

Graphics - 6 1/2
Fairly average...nice sized players with ample animation. The cut-scenes are a nice touch.
Sound/Music - 7 1/2
The little music that's there is pretty cool, but a bit short. The Sfx are also good, but the voice-overs are a nice extra.
Control - 8 1/2
You can do quite a few things with little trouble, but adjusting the height of the ball by using up and down is really a problem, considering you go up field for one period and down for the other.
Power - 6
U.S. Gold also did Flashback, and it was basically a direct port from a 16 bit system. Could've been a lot better with a bit of effort.
Fun Factor - 8 1/2
Nice game =)
Overall - 73%
by Wes Powell

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