CyberMorph by Atari for Jaguar
Review done by Scott Tomkovitch
# of players: 1

The Story: The Story is very similar to Star Wars. The evil Perinatia Empire is taking over planet after planet. You fly the T-griffin a fighter space craft. You have to pick up pods on different planets that contain scientists, weapons, and supplies.

The Graphics: The graphics to me are not very good. Most levels usually have only one color for the landscapes. Also mountains and enemies "pop up". Also all the lakes have straight shorelines, no curves. The ships are average, they usually have 2 to 4 colors. I give this **.

The Sound: The sound is pretty good. It is not repetitive. I give it ****-

The Control: The control is a bit shaky at the beginning. But after played for 20 mins or so it becomes very easy. Shootings enemies is hard. You have to get an exact hit to kill them. Press 5 to get the toggle or a cross hair. It is also very hard to do a sharp turn while going very fast. I give it ***-

The Fun Factor: The gameplay is very repetitive, get the pods and get out. This is not a blast 'em game. Later in the game you get pods and blow up towers. Also killing a enemy is very hard. It is hard to control while flying at high speeds. Sometimes it takes many times to get a pod just because of the controls. It is 3-D which adds realism. Cybermorph falls short of what we would expect for Jaguar, I give it ***

Overall: ***-

The Rating System:
***** Hurry and buy this game. There wont be many like it!
****+ This game is excellent. Almost perfect.
**** This game is great, only minor flaws.
****- This game is good, has some flaws
***+ This game is above average, has ups and downs
*** This game is average, has equal ups and downs
***- This game is below average, buy this only if you love the category
**+ This game is pretty bad, only for die hards.
** There is no real point in getting this game. Maybe for a rental only.
**- The game designers took no time in making this game *+ Do not even consider in renting this game.
* Dont even look at this game
*- Run if you see this game

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