Atari Jaguar

by Curtis J. Hepworth

Just got my copy of Mutant Penquins today (Monday) and thought I'd post a few thoughts about it for those who may be wondering about it.

Fun- 10

Loads of fun! Kind of strikes me as a cross between Toejam & Earl and Lemmings.

Graphics- 9

Some of the best on the Jaguar.

Control- 8

Very good- a little touchy at times however.

Music- 5

Title theme is nothing to write home about & none present during gameplay.

Sound F/X- 8

Very well done & makes up for the lack of music.

Challenge- 10

Seems to be quite challenging without being too frustrating. 3 skill levels, plus Pandemonium mode.

Overall- 8 (all ratings are preliminary)



I know I didn't describe the gameplay at all- I figure most of you have the general idea of it by now anyway...if not- well, I'm sure somebody will make a more ambitious review here shortly.

Now back to the game! ;)

Curtis J.

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