Air Cars

Atari Jaguar

by Jack Gagliardi


The graphics are similar to Cybermorph in that they consist of Gourad Shaded polygons. The horizon is alot farther than Cybermorph and the framerate is similar (slow but playable) and a lot smoother than Hoverstrike.

Unfortunately the enemies are not as interesting as Cybermorph's and mainly consist of tanks (they look like shoeboxes) turrets, and other aircars. They are all pretty blocky and could have been much better.

The explosions are lame looking and consist of about 2 frames of animation. Buildings don't explode, they just kind of fold :(


The extremely seperated stereo sound is great for locating enemies but the sounds are pretty average. The "booming" of exploding buildings is great though. There is no in-game music only a really, really, really bad intro score and level intermission music. The computer voice makes Skylar of Cybermorph sound like an Academy Award Winner! It is just soooo cheesy but thankfully you can turn it off.


This is where I am most disappointed. Your Aircar is so sluggish. in Cybermorph you can zip around enemies and between mountains and stop on a dime. Your Aircar takes as long to stop as it does to get going... which is a quite awhile :( You will find yourself crashing into a few buildings until you figure out when to apply the brakes. When you get the "acceleration" power-up and the "brake" power-up you find yourself piloting a much more useable vehicle ... why didn't the programmers make your Aircar perform this way as a default????? Changing weapons is easy and the choice of views is interesting. Unfortunately your cross hair is fixed and cannot be moved around like Hoverstrike. Therefore you sometimes find yourself on a side of a hill trying to shoot an enemy above you but can't quite get the crosshair elevated enough .... Arrrgh!


One Player Aircars is too easy since you have an infinite number of lives.... your incentive is to not lose points by losing Aircars, so if you really care about your score you could say Aircars is difficult since the armour on your ship might as well be tin-foil. 2-3 shots from a tank and your health is in the danger zone.

I thought a linked game would be much more fun but the play area is so large that you may never even see your opponent and since flying your Aircar is such a sluggish ordeal, it isn't much fun chasing down your friend :(


Overall, the game just isn't that fun but it could have been if they tweaked the speed and control over the Aircar and added some sort of incentive to play linked ... i.e., Deathmatch, racing to find a secret weapon, allowing only one person to leave a level alive etc...

Overall, the game is playable (much more than Hoverstrike) and as a rarity you may find it worth the purchase. Since it links up to 8 Jags it could be a unique experience.

Overall: 60%


--Jack Gagliardi

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