Air Cars

Atari Jaguar

by Fred Horvat

As most of you have heard by now ICD has released a limited number of Midnight Entertainment Group, Inc's 1995 game "Air Cars" for the Atari Jaguar. The game comes on cartridge with a professional label on the cartridge. Documentation is in English and about 20 pages thick. It is printed on heavy stock glossy paper in black and white. The manual is very complete showing a game play screen shot, enemies, weapons, power ups, and explaining all of them. No overlay is included, but an image of one is on the back cover. There is no box for the game but it comes shrink wrapped in a normal Jaguar game box insert with the cartridge label facing out acting as cover art. Well here is a mini review of the game with about 2 hours of playing time so far.

Story Line :

Support for Pro Controller :

Multiplayer / Network Capable :

Game Play :

Graphics :

Sound :

Overall :

(No scores provided...)


--Fred Horvat

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