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This section is filled with pictures of Jaguar related promos, advertisements, articles, etc. We hope you enjoy what you see here. We'll be adding more things to this list in future updates. I left most of the pictures pretty large so you could read the text. Sorry for the large filesizes, but you can't have your cake and eat it too :)


-----EGM Promo Insert Scans-----

Thanks a lot to Kirk Garrett for the Promo scans! They rock :)

-----Magazine Articles, Previews, etc.-----

AtariUser Magazine (October '93)
An EXTREMELY early shot of Kasumi Ninja
EGM '94 Preview -early Kasumi Ninja shot
Look out MK fans!! hahaha!
EGM '95 Preview (pg. 1)
4 screenshots of Conan and more...
EGM '95 Preview (pg. 2)
SpaceWar 2000, BattleSphere, Hover Hunter (a.k.a. Phase Zero) and more.
EGM Preview -Ruiner Pinball
Seems like they were impressed with this game =)
EGM Review -Hover Strike
Page 1.
EGM Review -Hover Strike
Page 2.
EGM2 Preview -Aircars NEW!
This comes from the November '94 issue of EGM2. Note that it says it's compatible with the Modem for multi-player action, when that's supposed to be CatNet.
EGM2 Article -CatBox, ICD and Aircars
This comes from the January '95 issue of EGM2. Good article on the Catbox and it's features. Do I spot Tom Harker in there? Scott....Doug?
GameFan Article -Virtuality Info.
Info on the VR headset.
GameFan CES
Pics of Varuna's Forces, Conan, BattleSphere, Space War 2000, Phear and others.
GameFan Editorial
Here's one from October of '93 when GF got their first look at the Jag. Let's just say they were excited :)
GameFan Envelope art
Here's a sweet piece of artwork from Damian "blank"....check it out :)
GameFan -Europa! (May '94)
Here are some pics of Freelancer, Chaos Agenda (later renamed Black Ice White Noise) and ApeShit (cool name, eh??)....The article speaks of Dino Dudes 2 and other cool stuff.
GameFan Pix (May '94)
Early shots of AvP....check out the model they used for the Facehugger! Check out Legions of the Undead! Too bad that one never surfaced :(
GameFan Pix part 2 (May '94)
Here are some pix of the intros scenes in an early version of AvP. Most of these weren't included in the final cut.
GameFan Pix part 3 (May '94)
More pix of Legions of the Undead....running on the enhanced AvP engine.
GameFan Pix -ApeShit
Same pics that are in the Europa article above, only larger.
GameFan Pix -Chaos Agenda
Same pic that's in the Europa article above, only larger.
GameFan Pix -Freelancer 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, 6, 7
Same pics that are in the Europa article above, only larger.
GameFan Pix -Very early Fight For Life- Full Clip
Here's the full clip. The 3 below contain separate, larger pics.
GameFan Pix -Very early Fight For Life 1, 2, 3
Here are 3 very early pics of FFL. Probably the first ever published.
GameFan Preview -Checkered Flag
Back when it was called Redline Racing, it seems to look better than what was finally released.
GameFan Preview -Club Drive
Early preview of Club Drive. Cool loop, huh?
GameFan Review -Skyhammer
Has an introduction and review of Skyhammer in the Graveyard section.
GameFan Review -Protector
Has a review of Skyhammer in the Graveyard section.
GamePro -Reviews new Jag games page 1
Pg. 1 contains an intro and the Iron Soldier 2 CD review.
GamePro -Reviews new Jag games page 2
Pg. 2 contains reviews of Zero-5, Breakout 2000 and Towers 2.
GameFan Screenshot -Blue Lightning
Early shot of Blue Lightning on Jag CD. This shot looks much more three dimensional than the final product. Wonder what happened?
GameFan Screenshot -HammerHead (a.k.a. Skyhammer)
Some early shots of Rebellion's Skyhammer, released in 2000 by Songbird Producitons.
GamePro -Jag CD ready to pounce (Oct. 94)
Interview with Bill Rehbock who was the Vice President of 3rd party Development.
GamePro Interview -Making the Jaguar Roar (pg. 1)
An interview with Andrew Whittaker of Rebellion Software, creators of AvP, Checkered Flag and Skyhammer.
GamePro Interview -Making the Jaguar Roar (pg. 2)
Page 2.
GamePro Preview -Space War 2000
This was scanned from the April '95 issue. Some of the screenshots of this game look pretty cool.
GamePro Previews -Barkley & Brett Hull
This was scanned from the April '95 issue as well. Both of these games looked mediocre to me.
GamePro Screenshots -Tempest 2000
Probably the first pix of T2K revealed to the public. Interesting.
Game Players Letter Section -Alien Vs. Predator
A disappointed reader informs the GamePlayers staff of AvP and the Jag's power.
?? - Jaguar CD Prototype
Atari to unleash Jaguar CD and Jaguar III.
Quarterman -Jag to be Computer
This is from way back, May of '93. Pretty funny stuff...
Video Games Cover -Alien Vs. Predator
Alien Vs. Predator on the cover of Video Games from June of '94. Notice the huge improvement in the title screen art!
Video Games Interview -Stalking the Jaguar (June '94)
First page of the interview with James "Purple" Hampton. The second page has been excluded because I already typed up the interview :)
Video Games Preview -Jaguar
From the first press conference held for the Jaguar in Sunnyvale!
Video Games Preview -Jaguar CD
Video Games Previews (June '94)
Previews for early versions of Kasumi Ninja, Club Drive and Doom.

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