Jaguar Stereo Interface Card

"You have never heard your Jaguar SCREAM!!! until you have hooked it up to your stereo system. This small 2 3/4" X 1 1/2" PC board with connector plugs into your Atari Jaguar A/V Port and gives you a Stereo Mini Jack which you can plug in CD type Stereo Headphones, Computer CD type amplified speakers or patch to your Stereo or TV system. This Jaguar Interface Card also has a Pass thru Edge card connector so you can still use your Atari Jaguar Composite or S-Video I/O cables. This unit has been been used, is in original packaging. Was purchased at time of Jaguar purchase and then later lost and just found. Now I have no Jaguar, my loss, your gain. Buyer pays shipping and insurance $5.00 - Shipped 2nd day air. "

It was this auction at eBay that peaked my interest. At first, I assumed this was really a Catbox with a confused owner. So, I e-mailed the seller and he assured me that it was not a Catbox, rather an item that was manufactured by Atari itself. Being the Jaguar freak that I am, I just had to have this mystery item, so I bid on it and won [:-)].

Once the item arrived, I was psyched because it did turn out to be quite a unique item. I thought that perhaps it was some sort of prototype, so once again I e-mailed the seller. This time he said that this "was a (sic) Atari factory produced item. From what I understand the only reason they are not a main stream item is due to the fact that Atari never got around to getting the product out in main distribution. The units never got officially packaged for retail sale. Generally, dealers and hard core enthusiasts were only only ones to get their hands on this item."

So there you have it. It is a rare item, but not impossible to find. Keep your eyes open for it, and you may very well find one. The Jaguar Stereo Interface Card may not be very functional, but it does make a very unique item to add to your Jaguar collection.