Brett Hull Hockey CD Prototype

Check out the FMV Intro!

The gates to Jaguar Prototype heaven have once again opened up, this time dropping not one, but 2 prototype CD's of Brett Hull Hockey into the Jag community. I (Kevin Manne) was lucky enough to be one of the two people to get a copy (the other lucky person being Scott Walters). The scan above is of my version (build 3-1-96), while Scott's CD is labeled "Build 2-28-96".

Unlike Hull Cart, the game is not completed, making it a pretty interesting find. Both builds are identical gameplay wise, and although I haven't played the game yet personally (it won't run on a standard Jag), here's some things Scott had to say about it:

I should hopefully be getting a chance to check it out in the near future. When that happens, I'll post a complete review along with screenshots and the like. For now, though, you can check out the CD insert I designed for the case I have the CD in. :-)