Gorf 2000

Here's an interview with Steve Scavone, a programmer working on Gorf 2000 for the Jaguar. This interview is far from complete. As more progress is made on the game, I'll be asking more questions about the Plus and 2000 modes. Stay Tuned!

- First off, who's handling Gorf for the Jag? What does the team consist of?

Krunch Korporation is
coding Steve Scavone(me),
graphics Steve Scavone(myself),
sound/music Steve Scavone(I)

- What is your programming background?

18 years of 6502, Z80, 68000, 80x86 and all related chips. Nothing commercial but a lot of hacks.

- What type of game is Gorf? I'm told it was an Atari arcade game.

Actually it is an Old Bally/Miday game programmed by Jay Fenton who also created the Astrocade home console using the same chipset as the arcade machine.

- What are you using to develop the game?

Roine and Sven's Jaguar Server. A under $300 solution to Atari's $5000 dollar(minimum) dev kit. It is mostly used for hacking around the Jaguar.

- How long has the project been going on, and about how long will it take to finish?

Heh heh. You wont catch me in that trap. No dates please. This is being done in what little spare time I have. Hopefully not too long.

- I understand you don't want to dig yourself into a hole. But, at the rate you're going, can you estimate 1 year etc.?

Sorry, I wont say.

- Do you have a publisher?

Not as of yet. I need a product to show. I have only elements of the classic version up and running. I am just getting used to what the GPU can do. Very awesome chip. I still need to figure out the Blitter. The DSP will be easy as it is almost the same exact chip as the GPU.

- Can you tell us some of the games specifications?

Ok, A litte story......

The Evil Gorfian Robot Empire has attacked. Your assignment is to repel the invasion and launch a counter attack. You will engage various hostile spacecraft as you journey toward a dramatic confrontation with the enemy Flag Ship.

Now more tech

Classic mode will have 5 screens.

Astro Battle (Space Invaders clone)
Lazer Attack (Kamikazies with lazer beam ships)
Galaxians (Duh) ;)
Space Warp (kinda like Gyruss before Gyruss was released)
Flagship (THE BOSS hurling all kinds of stuff at you)

You move in succession from screen to screen gaining a new rank for every time you defeat all five episodes. Ranks are

Space Cadet
Space Captain
Space Colonel
Space General
Space Warrior
Space Avenger

The game gains difficulty as each set of episodes if completed. Space avenger is the highest rank you can go but the game continues infinitely till you last ship is gone. Like the good old games used to be. :)

As all of this transpires, the GPA (Gorfian Propaganda Agency) sends hails of insults, promises of defeats and chuckels over Earth's communication circuits. You only wish you can turn it off but the Gorfians have jammed it as a further distraction to your efforts of repeling the Gorfian Empire.

Gorf Plus Mode:

Will have several new screen and several new characters using awesome renderings of the spaceships and creatures of the actual arcade machines side art and marquee. A lot hasn't been worked out yet with Plus but it will be hairy alraight.:)

Gorf 2000 Mode:

Still in the thought process stage but will hope fully be 3D. I am hoping to do alot more with 2000 mode than just make Gorf 3D. I want to add other neat stuff like maybe a Doom like level where you dock your ship, go in and blast the place up, turn on its self destruct sequence and get the hell out before it goes KABLOOEY! Perhaps even a screen where you land on Planet Gorfia and do battle with the Gorfians in tank like vehicles.


Classic Mode
4 to 8 colors with effects. Yes, that is 4 to 8 colors used most effectively.

Plus Mode
At very least 256 colors.

Lots and lots. This still needs to be worked out.

All modes will be hopefully 320X240.

More soon!

The picture of the Gorf arcade machine was taken from The Long Live Gorf Homepage. More info is available on the classic game there.

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