Atari Jaguar games listed in order of release

1. Cybermorph by Attention to Detail for Atari
2. Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy by Atari
3. Dino Dudes by Imagitec for Atari
4. Raiden by Imagitec for Atari
5. Tempest 2000 by Llamasoft for Atari
6. Wolfenstein 3D by Id for Atari
7. Brutal Sports Football by Telegames
8. Alien vs. Predator by Rebellion for Atari
9. Dragon: The Bruce Lee Story by Virgin Interactive
10. Doom by Id for Atari
11. Club Drive by Atari
12. Checkered Flag by Rebellion for Atari
13. Iron Soldier by Eclipse for Atari
14. Kasumi Ninja By Handmade Software for Atari
15. Bubsy in Fractured Furry Tails by Imagitec for Atari
16. Zool 2 by Gremlin Graphics
17. Val D'Isere Skiing and Snowboarding by Virtual Studios for Atari
18. Cannon Fodder by Sensible Software for Atari
19. Syndicate by Bullfrog for Atari
20. Troy Aikman NFL Football by Telegames for Williams
21. Theme Park by Bullfrog for Atari
22. Sensible Soccer by Sensible Software
23. Double Dragon 5 by Telegames for Williams
24. Hover Strike by Atari
25. Pinball Fantasies by 21st Century
26. Super Burnout by Virtual Xperience for Atari
27. Flashback by U.S. Gold Software
28. White Men Can't Jump by Trimark International
29. Flip Out by Gorilla Systems
30. Rayman by UBI Soft International
31. Blue Lightning CD by Attention to Detail for Atari
32. Vid Grid CD by HighVoltage Software for Atari
33. Ultra Vortek by Beyond Games
34. Power Drive Rally by Rage for Time Warner Interactive
35. Pitfall: The Mayan Adventure by Activision
36. HoverStrike CD by Atari
37. Highlander CD by Atari
38. Ruiner by High Voltage for Atari
39. Dragon's Lair CD by ReadySoft
40. Missile Command 3D by Atari
41. I-War by Atari
42. Atari Karts by Miracle Designs for Atari
43. Fever Pitch by U.S. Gold for Atari
44. Supercross 3D by Tiertex for Atari
45. Battlemorph CD by Attention to Detail for Atari
46. Primal Rage CD by Probe for Time Warner Interactive
47. Baldies CD by Creative Edge for Atari
48. Myst CD by Atari
49. Zoop! by Viacom for Atari
50. NBA Jam: Tounament Edition by High Voltage for Atari
51. Space Ace CD by ReadySoft
52. Defender 2000 by Llamasoft for Atari/Williams
53. Attack of the Mutant Penguins by Atari
54. Brain Dead 13 CD by Readysoft
55. Fight For Life by FYB for Atari
56. Breakout 2000 by MP Games for Telegames
57. Towers II by JV Games for Telegames
58. Iron Soldier 2 CD by Eclipse for Telegames
59. World Tour Racing CD by Teque for Telegames
60. Air Cars by Midnite Software for ICD
61. Zero-5 by Caspian Software for Telegames
62. Iron Soldier 2 Cartridge by Eclipse for Telegames
63. Worms by Team 17 for Telegames
Cart Games# CD Games #
50 13

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