Defender 2000
The Soundtrack

Back when the Jag was still alive in the mainstream, Jeff Minter was gearing up to give the Jag CD a top-notch game -- Defender 2000. So, the trusty musicians at Imagitec Design cooked up some killer tunes for the game's soundtrack. Then, for some reason Atari changed their mind and opted to go for the cart format. Maybe they figured it'd reach it's maximum audience on cart. Imagitec then scrambled to convert the tunes from redbook audio to the much smaller MOD format that's used in many other Jag games (still sounded amazing too!). Unfortunately, since D2K was released at the tail end of the Jag's lifespan, the CD soundtrack never came out and nobody heard anything about it again...

...Until I was contacted by Alastair Lindsay (former Imagitec musician) last summer. Luckily, he knew where a copy of the original CD was. It took a while to track it down, but it finally showed up. I popped it in and I was instantly pleased. I had the widest smile on my face as I listened to the enhanced music that I love so much in D2K. I couldn't help but laugh at times because it's so sweet (you gotta understand...I'm a freak about this stuff!). I want to thank Mr. Lindsay for sending me a copy of the CD, Yak for coding up D2K intensity and everyone from the former Imagitec for all they brought to the Jag!

MP3 Tracks:

Track 1 - Title Screen 5:08 - 4.9 Megs Track 2 - Level Set 1 6:34 - 6.3 Megs
Track 3 - New Song 1 7:44 - 7.2 Megs Track 4 - Level Set 2 6:47 - 6.5 Megs
Track 5 - Level Set 3 6:39 - 6.3 Megs Track 6 - Level Set 4 5:58 - 5.7 Megs
Track 7 - New Song 2 7:45 - 7.4 Megs Track 8 - Bonus Level 4:47 - 4.5 Megs
Track 9 - Game Over 5:29 - 5.2 Megs Total CD Length: 56:51