Here's an E-mail Q&A between the creator of the Atari Jaguar WebTV Adaptor (codenamed "Cortina" ) board and Ted Rusniak.

1.) Do you have or know where I could obtain the source code that allows the Cortina to communicate w/ the Jaguar? What state was the Jag code when you stopped working on it? What worked and what did not work?

2.) We have a floppy that came w/ the Cortina's Protocol Rev. 2.2 22 Sept. 95 that you wrote some of the 8051 code onto the Cortina--the floppy has Cortina Rev. 4 written on it in pencil.

3.) Where did the name Cortina come from?

4.) How was it (Cortina) going to run on the Jag? Interface cart?

5.) Do you have the encryption software?

6.) Is there anything you'd be willing to give up? Info, files, programs, etc?

7.) Also on the back of your card it says "Cortina Self-Test Loopback Connectors" I did get a old school keyboard plug, 25pin male connector and 2- 9pin female connectors.

8.) How many prototype Cortina's exsist?

4.) Was it finished? I'm guessing it was since you said that you never received you final payment after completing it.

Thanks to Ted for the interview. You can see some pictures of Ted's Cortinas here.