Club Drive Strategy

Planet Todd Tag Mode Strategy:

First of all, to access planet Todd, do this:

On the area select screen, press 2 and 4 at the same time. No area will be highlighted. Don't move the joypad, and press a button to continue.

While playing tag with a friend, there are a couple of good ways to rack up time on him/her:

Jump the big yellow ramp at full speed. While in the air, tap the 1 key rapidly. This will hold your car in the air for extended time. (what a cheap move...haha)

Get your car on either the red or blue ramp. Creep up to the top and just hold the brake button to stay there. When your opponent does come close to getting up the ramp, floor it, and get away quickly.

Jerome's Pad Tag Strategy:

Go up the ramp next to the TV, and get to the very edge of the table. Wait until your opponent gets on the table, and then drive off and get away quickly.

More hints coming soon!

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