Battle Sphere by 4-Play

Battle Sphere was the big stuff at Jag Fest. 5 Jags were linked up together at once for a networked BS blast! At first, I was confused by the radars, but once I figured out the fore and aft radars, I was addicted. The game has recieved so much hype over the years, it's hard to imagine it ever living up to all of it. Guess does. Pictures don't do this game justice; the game has to be seen in it's truest form. Not even the AVI's do it justice. It has the smoothest framerate of any Jag game, and moves as nicely as Quake. I never once saw a hint of slowdown, even with about 4 other ships and a couple starbases in my field of view. The light sourcing is absolutely a sight to behold, and the explosions are some of the best on any game, coming very close to topping IS 1 & 2's...

I have to admit, with all of the hype, I felt that BS would be a nice game, but I didn't really think it would be one of the best. Playing is believing in this case, and now I'm pumped as hell to get it. It's probably going to be the best Jag game ever released, and that says a lot.

I can't wait to get my claws on it!

This Awesome space combat game features:
8 Console Networking with 2 players per console!
Simultaneous attacks from up to 15 intelligent adversaries at 30+ frames per second!
NO Polygon depth errors!
30+ FPS 99% of the time!( this means no slowdown!)
Totally, utterly, and absolutely off-rails!
Over 40 different alien ships!
Subsumption Architecture AI Engine!
Real-Time Ray Tracing! Software Load Management for maximal framerate!
5 unique play modes!
Blast Processing (Well as much as anyone else has it)...
Real-time lens flare!
Oh yeah, cool graphics too...

Uses a process called Decal-mapping. Texture mapping used over gouroud shaded polygons. Texture maps for race symbols and damage. Yes! You can have two people hooked up to one Jag and play simultaneously. I haven't gotten a release date yet, but Scott hinted around at a September release. Stay tuned!

The game is gonna rule!

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