Here's an E-mail conversation between Alastair Lindsay from the former Imagitec Design (creators of some of the best tunes on the Jaguar, if not the best games), and our own Wes "Jagu-Dome" Powell.

[Alastair Lindsay] Hi there.

Hope you don't mind me dropping you a line, but I've just noticed your Tempest 2000 soundtrack page on your website, great stuff. Actually I'm one of the musicians that did the music for that great game and it's very flattering that so many people like it, even all these years later.

Tempest 2000 was actually my first game release 5 years ago, and I am still doing music for games, although things have changed quite a bit since then.

I also did Defender 2000, I-War, Bubsy and worked on Dino Dudes.

With regards to the voice samples, well they made me laugh, you've got most of them right. Bit of trivia for you - "Television is the retina of the mind's eye" was originally sampled from a film called Videodrome, but had to be redone by my good self as to avoid any copyright stuff.

[JEO] I'm very glad you dropped me a line! I've been a big fan of your music for a long time now and I was hoping I could get in touch with one of you guys. What happened to the Company?

[AL] Well, sadly Imagitec doesn't exist anymore, it was bought out by Gremlin Interactive a couple of years ago. One of the Imagitec musicians (Kevin Saville) still works there, but just seems to work on all the Actua Sports games, not very exciting unless you like sports games.

I now work for Psygnosis Limited in London, UK, and have been there for nearly 2 years now. Most things that I have done for Psygnosis are still in development, but I have done 4 tunes on a game called Blast Radius, which is out in July in Europe, not sure about the US though.

[JEO] I'll have to check those games out. Blast Radius, eh? Sounds familiar...

[AL] It's very similar looking to Colony Wars, but much better gameplay.

There is one last game that myself and Kevin did at Imagitec that was released earlier this year and that's I-War (not the same as the Jag version, in fact it's a totally different game), which is a space strategy game and has an orchestral soundtrack. The game was developed by a company called Particle Systems.

[JEO] Ya! I heard about that game and I was wondering how they pulled that off without getting sued... hehehe.

[AL] Atari allowed them to use the name I-War so there was no problem.

[JEO] Did you have a part in the Zool 2 music?

[AL] No, that was done by someone else before Imagitec became part of Gremlin.

[JEO] How about Pitfall? How was it working with Jeff Minter? I would've loved a Defender 2000 soundtrack! Too bad Atari was heading downhill by that time.

[AL] I didn't work on Pitfall, it was one of the other musicians. Well, I never really had any contact with Jeff Minter except a few phone calls. D2K was originally done as CD audio music, because it was to be one of the first games on the Jaguar CD drive, but at the last minute Atari changed their minds and decided it was to be cartridge only, so it was a mad rush to convert all the tunes.

[JEO] Oh yeah! I've been wondering what that bonus track says... is it "Oh lassie" or "almighty"? I couldn't quite figure it out.

[AL] No, no, it says "Oh Massive" and the other bit says "It's a jungle, brother". Don't ask me why, we didn't take any of this music seriously, a lot of it was a piss take of the rave/dance scene that was going at the time, same with T2K.

[JEO] So, what kind of equipment are you using to create this great stuff?

[AL] Well, my setup is quite minimal but very flexible and powerful. I have a Pentium II 333mhz PC running Cubase VST, in the PC is a Korg 1212 soundcard which is linked via ADAT optical cables to a Yamaha 02R. I have an Emu E4K sampler, Roland JV1080 with Vintage and Orchestral cards, a Yamaha AN1x Virtual Synth, Ensoniq DP/4+ effects processor, Quadraverb 2 effects processor. The 02R is also linked to a Tascam DA88 digital 8-track which is used to record the separate channels ready for encoding to an AC3 file. Software wise I use Cubase VST, as mentioned above, Sound Forge and I have a load of plugins for them.

[JEO] Thanks for your comments! I look forward to hearing some of the other work you've done. Good luck.

[AL] Bye for now.