White Men Can't Jump

    * Dunks list:
       * Preppies (wearing sweatervests with logos):
            Jules, Mace, Dr. Ed, O. G., Titan, Gruff
            DD, U, R, UD, RL
       * Women (women :)  :
            Stress, Wisp, Rio, Sully, Hail, Twitch
            LR, LL, R, DU, DRU
       * Arm Outs (dribble with the other arm out at a 45 degree angle):
            Freaky, Eggman, G. Love, Stomp, Smack, Grip
            LU, RR, L, DU, ULD
       * Belly Rubbers (when dribbling towards you they rub their bellies):
            Saber, Hack, Burger, Rabies, Van, Fence
            LD, RD, L, DD, RUL
       * Handshakers ("These guys are hilarious! They sort of "groove" while
         they dribble.  In profile when they're dribbling they look like
         they're offering to shake hands."):
            Rush, Scrape, Tower, Slag, Goose, Skin
            D, DU, UU, L, RDL

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