Virtual Light Machine

    * Eggs:
       * External Input Mode:
            Close the drive lid without a CD and press A+*+#
       * Freeze Swirls:
            Go to effect 9-1 (or any other hold-down-B-button effect). Hold
            down B to make the swirls appear. Release B & quickly press 1-1
            (or any other non-B-button effect) before the swirls disappear.
            Return to effect 9-1 (or any other B-button effect). Now the
            swirls are in the state/size they were in when you left effect
            9-1. Move the joypad around & notice the swirls will stay
            without pressing B. They will stay frozen in the other B-button
            effects. To cancel the freeze, press B.
       * Spectrum Trigger Configuration Menu:
            In VLM mode: * + 0 + 1 + 3
       * Effects Configuration Menu:
            From the Spectrum Menu (see above): U,D (8 times).

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