Ultra Strategies


When you floor an your foe, get close before they get to their feet. Tap up lightly and hold down while pushing jab (Ricochet blades). Repeat this over and over to catch your opponent off-guard. Practice this until you can do it super fast.

Use the Pain Machine by charging back, then pressing forward and kick. As soon as you press kick to trigger the move, immediately begin charging again. If the player blocks the move, unleash this move again. Even if this move is blocked it drains life, so repeat it.

Jump towards the enemy and kick. If the opponent blocks the move, he may be looking to do some offense. Immediately jump back and use your ricochet blades. This is good to repeat on computer opponents.

If you are a full-screen away from your foe after they've been floored, time it just right so when they get up, a Low Bolo (F, F, Jab) will hit them. Immediately follow up with a High Buzzsaw (F, F, Punch) and another Low Bolo. This will be an attempt to trap the opponent and fool him/her to jump into a High Buzzsaw and land on a Low Bolo.

When you floor an opponent, get close while they get up. Tap up and push Punch while holding down (Airgrab and Slam). Most of the time, you'll slam the opponent down even if they haven't left their feet. This is a cheap way to beat computer opponents.

Often times, a human foe will get into the habit of jumping toward you at the start of a round. If so, begin charging back before the round begins. A well placed Gut Spear Uppercut will teach 'em. (Charge back, Forward, push Punch)


Here's a cool combo:

Use the Fire Breath (F, B, Punch) to stun the foe, tap F, F, Punch for the "Come To Daddy" move, hold punch for two quick hits to the face, then finish it off with a Spin Staff (D, F, Jab).

Jump into an opponent with a kick. If it's blocked, jump back and quickly tap D, D, Punch for the Dive Spear. Good on computer foes.

by Wes Powell

Strategies for the other 5 characters will be available soon! (hopefully!)

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