Trevor McFur in the Crescent Galaxy

    * Eggs:
       * High Score Bug: Get a score of several million and finish the game.
         An easy way of doing that is to activate the cheats, halt the
         background at a bunker and 'park' your ship on the bunker to
         receive tons of power-ups and points. When you get a score of
         several million, and finish the game the number 029 will appear
         (inexplicably?) in the top left corner of the title screen.
    * Cheats:
       * Activation (at title screen):
            1,1,9,3 (No confirmation) (11/93 = "Trevor's Birthday")
       * Commands (use controller #2 during game play):
            A = Speed up foreground scrolling
            B = Slow down foreground scrolling
            C = Fire special weapon without depleting inventory
            1 = Power up gun
            2 = Cycle through bomb power-ups
            3 = Mark other moons as completed
            4 = Toggle ship invincibility
            0 = Cycle through sound effects
            * = Play selected sound effect
            L/R = Background scrolling speed
            Option = Skip to next stage

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