Towers II strategy

General tips:

  • When you're in a battle, if the enemy turns and runs, use that time to sleep.
  • When you equip your character with a new weapon, shield, ring, helmet, armor, etc....quickly press 2 to see how it effects you stats.
  • Remember to try to talk to people. It is very important if you want to beat the game. Try to talk to custodians, thiefs, marlands, etc.

Tip on defeating the Earth Elementals on level 4:

Open the wooden door and try to lure them into the long hallway where you entered. While in the hallway, use fire storm spells whenever possible. When you're low on life and mana, run backwards until you can't see the enemy and sleep. You can also run backwards until you fall down the stairs, then come back up and try again. Remember to save each time you defeat one.

For opening the doors in the Earth Elemental area on level 4:

The 1, 2, and 3 mark the three doors. The 0's mark the button you hit first. Then move on to the next button that the arrow points at to open the door marked on the trail.

Tip on defeating the Fire Elementals on level 4:

In this area, there are two doors that contain a bunch of Fire Elementals. In-between the doors, there is a long hallway with a trigger that sets off an Ice Storm trap. Try to lure the enemies into this hallway. Quickly run to the trigger and set it off 4-5 times. Stay on the trigger so you don't get hit with the storm. When things are clear, go see if they're dead. Repeat this, and don't forget to save often ;)

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