Tempest 2000

    * Cheats:
       * Activation (at main menu)     = 1+4+7+A ("Excellent")
       * Commands (during game play):
          * Skip to Next Level      = Option  ("Outta Here")
          * Enable Warp Bonus Round = 6       ("Warp Enabled")
    * Eggs:
       * Enable Rotary Controller (at Game Option menu):
            Press Pause on both controllers ("Excellent")
       * Web Rotation (during Web Select screen):
          * U/D = Web level
          * L/R = Rotate toggle
       * Invisible Web:
            Start any Tempest Plus game. Hold down Option (cheats must be
            active) until you get to the rainbow levels. The web will be
            invisible during the rainbow levels only.
       * Pause Bug:
            At the end of the Bacon/Jupiter River bonus round, press Pause
            just as it switches back to the main game (after approximately
            two & a half pulses of the "Excellent!" graphic).
       * Secret Sheep:
            At the first "Jupiter" warp level, press pause, select music
            volume, and wait. Late in the track, you'll hear Flossie and the
            other sheep engaged in conversation.

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