Dragon:The Bruce Lee Story

Type:2D fighter
Players:1 or 2
Levels:Not implemented

Okay character graphics, but they're not that great. Good color. Nice parallax scrolling backgrounds. Nice artwork.

The tunes are pretty rad and the grunts and stuff are cool, but there should have been more voice.

This game has a large variety of moves and they can be easiliy pulled off. Gaining chi is cool.

Power-7 1/2
Good use of parallax in the smooth backgrounds. Nice character artwork too. Fun factor-9 Unlike other fighting games, Dragon is fun while playing the computer. fight 3 dudes at a time too!

Overall-81% Quotes:

"Dragon: the Bruce Lee story is a superb 'purist' Kung-Fu fighting game for the Jaguar."-Ken Williams of EGM2

by Wes Powell

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